Mumford Industries Announces Promotion of Two Employees

May 14, 2014

mumford-final-logoGREENVILLE, SC – Mumford Industries Inc. A Recycling Company with offices in Greenville SC and Ninety Six, SC  is pleased to announce the internal promotion of two of their valued employees.

Tina Green Huskey a Recycling and Waste Specialist has been advanced to the position of  VP Business Development and Marketing.  In addition, Mumford is pleased to promote Jeffery Ritchie to the position of Customer Development.


Mumford Industries has been dedicated to developing and implementing recycling programs and earth friendly practices since 1995 with a focus on recycling post-industrial plastics and packaging from manufacturers. Mumford supports Zero Waste initiatives and helps companies be Environmentally Responsible, Profitable, Competitive and Compliant.