National League of Cities brings Centennial ‘Roadshow’ to the City of Columbia

June 17, 2024

The City of Columbia is honored to announce its participation as an official stop on the National League of Cities (NLC) Centennial Roadshow: 100 Years, 100 Cities. This initiative is part of NLC’s year-long celebration, marking a century of commitment to advancing local government and advocating for the interests of cities, towns and villages nationwide.

“As a National League of Cities member, Columbia is fortunate to have opportunities to connect with communities nationwide who are facing the same challenges and collaborate to develop impactful solutions,” said Mayor Daniel Rickenmann. “We are excited to showcase the innovative projects and partnerships underway in Columbia in celebration of NLC’s centennial.”

The roadshow, organized by NLC, includes stops at 100 cities in every region of the country, aimed at spotlighting the diversity, resilience, and transformation of America’s local communities. The roadshow kicked off in February at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas, where NLC was founded. Over the next several months, the roadshow will tour coast-to-coast, stopping in cities of all sizes to showcase the unique stories of municipalities like the City of Columbia.

In 2022, City of Columbia At-Large Councilwoman Dr. Aditi Bussells was elected to the National League of Cities Board of Directors to provide strategic direction and guidance for NLC’s federal advocacy, governance and membership activities. Last year, Bussells was appointed to be the National League of Cities’ Board Liaison to the Women In Municipal Government (WIMG) Constituency Group.

“I am thrilled to welcome the NLC Centennial Roadshow to our vibrant capital city,” said City Councilwoman Dr. Aditi Bussells. “This tour represents an extraordinary opportunity for us to showcase our city’s rich history, dynamic communities, and innovative spirit. We are honored to be part of this momentous celebration, reflecting on a century of progress and looking forward to the future of municipal leadership across the nation.”

During the roadshow stop in the City of Columbia on Thursday, June 20, City Staff and NLC leaders will take part in a tour across the City to highlight our critical strategic initiatives, upgrades in City infrastructure and growing hospitality districts. NLC leaders will begin the tour at 8:30 a.m. with a welcome by City staff and Councilwoman Bussells. After the brief introduction, NLC will tour the City of Columbia’s Emergency Operations Center, which is home to the City of Columbia’s Real Time Crime Operations Center. The tour will then stop at the Bull Street District and Rapid Shelter Columbia, where staff will present detailed presentations about the history and growth of the Bull Street District, and the City’s efforts to assist the chronically unsheltered.

“It is truly an honor for NLC to visit remarkable municipalities, like the City of Columbia that have made significant contributions to the advancement of local government over the past 100 years,” said Clarence Anthony, CEO and Executive Director of the National League of Cities. “Each of these cities has played a pivotal role in moving our local communities forward and has a unique story that showcases transformative change. As we celebrate and chart a course for the next 100 years, I am more excited than ever for the future of cities, towns, and villages and look forward to continuing important work together.”

As the journey progresses, the roadshow will continue making stops in cities across the country, including Tampa, Florida, where NLC will host its annual City Summit conference and culminating event this November.

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About the National League of Cities

The National League of Cities (NLC) is the voice of America’s cities, towns and villages, representing more than 200 million people across the country. NLC works to strengthen local leadership, influence federal policy and drive innovative solutions.