New initiative launches for communicators to grow digital skills, prepare for the future of work without retraining

March 7, 2024

A new learning initiative is helping communicators grow a future-ready digital skill set without retraining or reskilling. The initiative, called Content for the People, is a learning events program designed especially for communicators wanting to excel in more technical spaces but not wanting to abandon the talent, expertise and passion they’ve built over their careers.

A combination of online and in-person mastery trainings, workshops, skill building classes and networking events—many offered free to the public—Words First Content Strategy launched the initiative last month to a successful first event. Content for the People is part of the company’s mission to help communicators in its home state of South Carolina and around the world build new human-focused digital skills to better prepare for an ever-more digital future.

Well-rounded communicators that have a hybrid technical and social skill set will be incredibly competitive in the job market of the immediate and long-term future. As just one example of emerging research that reveals this trend, McKinsey estimates that demand for technological skills is expected to rise by 50% and the demand for high-level social and emotional skills will likely rise by 30% over the next decade. Communicators who have achieved a balance of both will be sought-after across industries and roles.

“Most of the solutions we’re seeing for communicators to stay competitive amidst emerging and unpredictable technological advances are related to retraining and reskilling,” says Bailey Lewis, founder of Words First Content Strategy.

“But what about the research that consistently shows an increasing need for professionals who can balance both: tech and social, digital and creative?” Lewis asks. “Communicators have already built half of that skill set. Words First and our Content for the People learning events help communicators build digital skills that supplement their talent, instead of seeking to replace it.”

The events themselves echo this call for a hybrid of digital and social skills. Words First teaches new digital skill building and mindset shifting for communicators through the essentials of digital content strategy, a practice that drives business results by understanding how to support human behavior online.

Communicators who understand the principles of creating human experiences in digital spaces and within technical specifications stay qualified and up-to-date regardless of which new technology arrives on-scene next. Moreover, they elevate their work practices, positioning themselves to thrive alongside that new technology and advance into all-new leadership roles in the workplace.

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About Words First Content Strategy

Words First Content Strategy is a learning community membership and digital content strategy education company that helps professional communicators across industries and roles grow a well-rounded skill set to future-ready their work and careers.

We guide communicators to drive better business results and create a better digital world through mastery of human-focused digital content strategy practices. Our mission is to give communicators across industries and roles their seat of authority at the digital table, positioning them to thrive and rise amidst ongoing technological change, without abandoning their core creative abilities.

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