New sales system turns notion of sales, marketing and communications upside down.

November 22, 2008

Software group forgets everything they’ve been taught to develop marketing technology that revives sales leads 

FT. MYERS, FL – November 11, 2008 – In trying to solve their own marketing communications issues, a group based in Fort Myers, Florida, have turned their backs on conventional wisdom to develop a communications vehicle, Sales Advantage, to communicate and engage with clients and prospects – the way they think it should be done. 

Coining new terms for features such as “TaskoMatics”, “Tractivity”, “Search ‘n Deploy Marketing”, and “Revival Campaigns”, Genesis Global Technologies has launched the official release of Sales Advantage – an unconventional online tool with a sales-centric approach.

“We didn’t like what was available, so we threw everything out the window and asked ourselves, ‘If we could have the perfect sales assistant, marketing communication system and tracking tool, what would we want it to look like?’. Then we engineered it. Turns out, a lot of other people shared our frustrations,” explains Mona Hilton, president of Genesis Global Technologies.

Sales Advantage incorporates the best ideas of CRM and Sales Force Automation (SFA), but introduces new concepts such as outbound interactive (two-way) email marketing, intelligent automated follow up, and interjects some new technologies in follow-up automation and outbound communications. They believe it’s just the type of innovation needed to stimulate sales in this sluggish economy. 

Unlike passive CRM and SFA systems that serve only as a repository for contact and data, Sales Advantage approaches sales and communications from a proactive angle – allowing organizations to reach out to find new sales leads, revive dormant prospects and automate their follow-up to close more sales opportunities and sell at higher conversion rates. Every detail was designed with those goals in mind. And the status quo was challenged at every turn. The effectiveness of Sales Advantage was tested and proven successful by its predecessor, Developers Advantage. 

“We have turned the notion of sales software upside down. We’ve approached this from the perspective of, ‘if you don’t have sales, then nothing else counts’. Consequently, everything we’ve done stems from a sales- centric focus,” explained Hilton. 

While designed for sales and communications-driven organizations such as Insurance, Finance, Medical/Pharmaceutical, Education, Not For Profits and others – the communication and tracking tools within Sales Advantage are transferable to virtually any sales driven organization. 
About Genesis Global Technologies

Genesis Global Technologies, once named to Microsoft’s Top 500 Managed Partner list, has specialized in helping companies use technology to improve their efficiency, sales and marketing, and profitability since 1994. Genesis Global Technologies takes pride in challenging conventional practices in favor of fresh innovation to produce better results. Solutions include online and offline technology, SaaS solutions, and marketing and technology consulting.