New South Carolina ETV digital series “Curiosity Trek!” explores the history of South Carolinian people and events through artifacts left behind

May 23, 2024

South Carolina ETV’s (SCETV) newest digital series Curiosity Trek! tells the stories of historic people and events through the artifacts left behind. Hosted by Andrew Davis, Curiosity Trek! highlights objects of significant historical value to South Carolina as well as some artifacts that may seem strange and bizarre from the state’s history. In each episode, Davis speaks with experts to showcase how the people tied to these objects may be gone, but their stories live on. The six-episode series will begin releasing on May 23 across SCETV’s digital platforms, with a new episode released each week.

Episode one, titled “The Lords of the Rings,” showcases unusual ring-shaped structures in the marshes of the Edisto region constructed by Native Americans thousands of years ago. These “shell rings” are among some of the oldest man-made objects in North America.

New episodes will be available to stream on the SCETV Facebook pageYouTube channel and in the SCETV App each week. Following each episode’s release, episodes will also be available to stream on the SCETV website and

Curiosity Trek! is produced and hosted by SCETV’s Andrew Davis. Davis currently serves as a Digital Content Specialist for and and has been part of SCETV’s team of creators since 2017. With a passion for history and his video production skills, Davis helps to create educational and entertaining digital content such as Carolina Snaps, History in a Nutshell, and now, Curiosity Trek!.

Below is a glimpse into each episode of Curiosity Trek! season 1:

  • Episode 1: “The Lords of the Rings” – Edisto Shell Rings/Fig Island- Sean Taylor of the SC Department of Natural Resources joins host Andrew Davis as he shares the history of some unusual ring-shaped structures in the Edisto region.
  • Episode 2: “The Carolina Bomber” – B-25 Bomber at Owens Field Airport – Host Andrew Davis joins Ron Skipper and Chuck Messick of the SC Historic Aviation Foundation as they fly into the background behind their B-25C “Mitchell” Bomber, a rare aircraft remaining from the fleet used at the Columbia Army Air Base.
  • Episode 3: Eremotherium Giant Ground Sloth – Curator of Natural History Matthew Gibson joins Andrew to discuss the Eremotherium’s time on earth. The enormous skeleton is not only eye-catching – it inspires awe for Charleston Museum visitors.
  • Episode 4: “A Submarine Commander’s Lucky Charm” – Lt. George Dixon’s Coin – Confederate submarine Hunley expert Mike Scafuri of the Warren-Lasch Conservation Center in Charleston joins host Andrew Davis to explore how legend became fact when Lieutenant George Dixon’s life-saving gold coin resurfaced in the Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley.
  • Episode 5: Ancient Egyptian Mummified Cat Case – Curator of Archaeology John Fisher joins Andrew to dig up the history behind a bronze cat case from Egypt’s Ptolemaic period which once contained a mummified cat.
  • Episode 6: The “Atomic Watermelon” and the “Davy Crockett” – Host Andrew Davis joins the SC Military Museum’s Heather McPherson and Saddler Taylor as they deliver the explosive history of a recoilless rifle system named after the famous American frontiersman, and its tactical nuclear payload- humorously dubbed the “atomic watermelon” by U.S. Army personnel!

“SCETV is thrilled to invite viewers to delve into South Carolina’s history through the lens of artifacts. Each artifact tells a story and a narrative that transcends time, connecting us to the lives and legacies of those who came before us. Through this digital series, we aim not only to educate but to ignite curiosity, uncovering the strange and the remarkable that weaves together the threads of our shared past.” –SCETV President and CEO Adrienne Fairwell

“Curiosity Trek! epitomizes our commitment to delivering captivating and insightful content to our digital audience. Through this series, we aim to showcase the diverse facets of South Carolina’s history, from the extraordinary to the every day, all through the lens of intriguing artifacts. The show has masterfully woven together narratives that not only entertain but also enlighten, offering viewers a deeper understanding of our shared heritage.” –SCETV Chief Content Officer Tabitha Safdi

“I am excited to bring this unique exploration of South Carolina’s history to life. Each artifact we encounter tells a story, and it’s my privilege to unravel these tales for our audience. Combining my passion for history and video production, I’ve strived to create a series that not only educates but also entertains. This adventure uncovers the fascinating and often unexpected narratives throughout our state’s past.” – Curiosity Trek! Host and Producer Andrew Davis


  • South Carolina ETV’s new digital series Curiosity Trek! will begin releasing on May 23 across SCETV’s digital platforms.
  • The six-episode series tells the stories of historic people and events through the artifacts left behind.
  • Curiosity Trek! is produced and hosted by SCETV’s Andrew Davis.
  • Curiosity Trek! will be available to stream on the SCETV Facebook pageYouTube channel and in the SCETV App.
  • Following each episode’s release, episodes will also be available to stream on the SCETV website and,


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