New Video Modeling Software Helps Children With Autism

August 20, 2008

COLUMBIA, SC –  August 20, 2008 – As the rates of autism continue to rise, many parents and educators are facing difficulties implementing effective teaching methods for their children and students. With this challenge in mind, a South Carolina-based software developer has launched the Activity Trainer (AT), a video modeling software program designed to improve learning for individuals with autism and other learning disorders.

We’re excited about the Activity Trainer launch, says Karl Smith, founder of Accelerations Educational Software and a father of a child with autism.

This first-in-class software is truly groundbreaking and can significantly decrease the time it takes to teach skills to hard-to-teach learners, he adds.

The Activity Trainer is a video-based software program that teaches skills including academics, daily living, recreation and social interactions.

The software makes over 15 years of video modeling research practical, simplifying the teaching process and allowing users to transition from videos to images, and images to text.

Smith contends that until now, video modeling teaching methods have not been practical or user-friendly and therefore, few students have benefited from this powerful educational method.

The Activity Trainer, however, is designed to solve this fundamental roadblock and allow video-based teaching to become common in schools and homes.

Our program not only extends the power of video modeling, but it also includes a diverse library of videos and other activity resources, he says. It’s a powerful and robust tool that parents and educators will find easy and effective.

As a parent of a child with special needs, Smith realizes the importance of making his products accessible to all who need them. As a result, the product has been reasonably priced for both schools and parents.

No matter how great a teaching tool is, if it’s not affordable, it’s worthless to the person who needs it, he says. Our products are priced to deliver at least ten times the content for the cost of typical special education software, while at the same time, increasing effectiveness in teaching these types of children.

In addition to the Activity Trainer, AES also provides the DT Trainer which allows even very low functioning students to be independent learners for at least some of what they need to know.

For more information, including a free 30-day trial, visit or call 803-233-0541.