Non Profit Minute – Tyler Rex, Thrive Upstate

May 20, 2019


The Who’s on the Move, BizSC, Non Profit Minute is a quick, two minute interview in support of the amazing impact that local non profits have on our communities.

We would like to thank our sponsors of this video series – The Sisters of Charity Foundation and NP Strategy.



Tyler Rex, Executive Director, Thrive Upstate

The mission of Thrive Upstate is to provide people with disabilities and special needs with meaningful services, opportunities, and support, so they may thrive in life, work and play. Their goal is to re-define abilities for each person served to maximize their independence and quality of life.

Whether it’s finding meaningful employment, appropriate housing or even fun activities, Thrive Upstate is proactive in helping people with disabilities enjoy a quality of life that the rest of Greenville is enjoying.