Noreta Family Medicine celebrates one year of service to the midlands owner/physician reflects on revolutionary model of healthcare

July 22, 2021

Noreta Family Medicine is celebrating one year since its founding in July 2020. Noreta, shortened from No Red Tape, is unlike most healthcare practices in the region. Instead of dealing with health insurance copays, premiums, and deductibles, Noreta Family Medicine operates on a subscription-based direct primary care model.

“Most of the money people pay to health insurance companies goes towards paying for overpriced medicines, testing, and administration. But there is a better way,” owner and physician Melissa Boylan said. “At Noreta, I care for my family of patients directly—diagnosing them, answering questions, and even drawing labs. Noreta provides great service by cutting out the middleman. It not only makes sense, but it’s much simpler, more transparent, and less of a hassle for everyone involved.”

Most physicians make a diagnosis, then submit a claim to the patient’s insurance company. The insurance company then determines how much to bill the patient. As a welcome change, Midlands families who subscribe to Noreta are charged a flat monthly fee to see Dr. Boylan for any and all visits – physicals, sick visits, or checks on chronic medical problems. Dr. Boylan provides a variety of in-office services for families including labs, procedures, and testing, such as an EKG.

Unlike most health care providers, Noreta Family Medicine tells you exactly how much your medical services, medications, labs, and radiology studies will cost before you have them done. Because patients are informed of the financial costs every step of the way, there are no unexpected bills.

“A year ago, I was hoping to build a better healthcare model, but I was honestly shocked by how the Midlands Community responded,” owner and physician Melissa Boylan said. “Columbia families are frustrated by the lack of easy-to-access and affordable primary care. Noreta is here to show that there is an easier way to receive quality primary care.”

Noreta Family Medicine is located at 6941 N. Trenholm Rd. Suite A, and is open Monday through Friday. For more information visit

Noreta Family Medicine is owned and operated by board-certified family physician Dr. Melissa Boylan. Her practice provides individuals with clear, upfront and affordable pricing.