Nova Molecular Technologies expanding operations in Sumter County

January 24, 2024

Nova Molecular Technologies (Nova), a high-purity solvents manufacturer, announced it is expanding its operations in Sumter County. The company’s $23.75 million investment will create 20 new jobs.

Founded in Texas in 1991, Nova is a leader in solvent recovery technology.The company’s Recover and Return model, launched in 2017, helps customers reduce their environmental impact by recovering chemicals that would otherwise be sent to waste disposal. Nova also manufactures and markets chemicals that are used in the biopharma, analytical and agricultural markets.

“Nova Molecular Technologies is constantly seeking innovative solutions and technologies that align with our unwavering sustainability-first mindset and our mission to deliver exceptional value for our customers,” said Nova Molecular Technologies CEO Chris Adams.

Since establishing its South Carolina operations in 2014, Nova has expanded to four Sumter County locations, including two production facilities. The company later sold its Texas facility to concentrate manufacturing operations solely in South Carolina. Nova’s latest expansion will add additional square footage to its existing facility located at 1123 Race Track Road, which will enable further development of the processes and technologies needed to meet growing customer needs.

The expansion is expected to be complete by 2028.