Pacific Rim Aerospace Opens Charleston County Office

May 28, 2014

CHARLESTON, SC – Pacific Rim Aerospace (PacRim), a provider of solutions for aerospace engineering applications, has established an office in Charleston County, allowing for more direct support of its customers in the growing aerospace sector of the Southeast region. PacRim expects to create at least 100 jobs in the area in the coming years.

Founded in 2007 by Jill McCallum and headquartered in Kirkland, Wash., the company has been a longtime supplier of engineering services and solutions to the Boeing Company as well as governments, manufacturers, operators and private aircraft owners.

The office, located at 215 East Bay Street in downtown Charleston, represents the company’s first outside of Washington, and PacRim plans to add a second local facility in North Charleston in the future. The growing demand for highly skilled engineers and engineering solutions in the region is why PacRim chose to come to South Carolina.

In November 2013, McCallum was introduced to the Southeast region as a part of a group of 10 woman-owned companies that toured the Charleston area. The Boeing Company’s commitment to supplier diversity is highlighted by a robust supplier development program that includes the Women in Manufacturing (WIM) initiative. WIM provides woman-owned business leaders an opportunity to network, discuss best practices, as well as tour several Boeing manufacturing facilities throughout the United States.

PacRim plans to continue its support of Boeing products and other customers in Washington State from its headquarters and to support Boeing and other regional aerospace activities in the Southeast region through its Charleston presence.



“We are thrilled to be a part of this community and look forward to working with and developing local resources to ensure long-term quality and success to the region. Starting small, we anticipate growth to exceed 100 new jobs in the coming years.  Small businesses will play a key role in helping the region’s large companies meet their committed goals.” –Jill McCallum, president of Pacific Rim Aerospace

“Our commitment to provide our customers the best solution moving forward continues with the opening of our offices in Charleston. Balancing cost and experience is difficult and we bring solutions that help meet that challenge.” –Tony Basile, manager of Aircraft Programs for Pacific Rim Aerospace

“We are excited to welcome Pacific Rim Aerospace to South Carolina. They are committed to bringing new jobs to South Carolina and supporting our growing aerospace industry. Congratulations to PacRim and their decision to create 100 jobs in our state.” –Gov. Nikki Haley

“With a more than 600 percent increase in aerospace jobs in South Carolina in the past five years, PacRim’s decision to locate here is more proof of the ‘Boeing effect’ on aerospace activity in our state.” –Secretary of Commerce Bobby Hitt

“Congratulations to Pacific Rim Aerospace on the establishment of their Charleston office. Our aerospace sector is poised for meteoric growth in the years ahead, it will be great to have Pacific Rim as our partner during those years.  Our engineering talent in the area is growing each year at an impressive rate, and this ‘brain gain’ bodes well for Pacific Rim, The Boeing Company, and other aerospace players.  Charleston County looks forward to partnering with and supporting Pacific Rim as it establishes initial operations, ramps up, and matures in our market.” –Teddie Pryor, chairman of Charleston County Council

“We proudly welcome Pacific Rim Aerospace to our city. Charleston will offer their employees a great place to work and to live. This growing, woman-owned business brings a new component to the Charleston area for our growing aerospace industry. Being able to provide all the educational facilities necessary, to supply the employees they will need in the coming years, has proven again to be one of the community’s finest assets. We look forward to their move to East Bay Street.” –Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr., City of Charleston

“Our educational assets, expanding engineering programs, and our supply of highly-skilled workers influenced Pacific Rim Aerospace’s decision to locate in the Charleston region. With future plans underway to add a second facility in close proximity to Boeing in North Charleston, this successful, woman-owned company will be a tremendous asset to our community for many years to come.”  –Bob Whitten, chairman of the Charleston Regional Development Alliance board



•           Pacific Rim Aerospace (PacRim) has established an office in Charleston County to directly support customers in the Southeast region.

•           Company expects to create 100 new jobs in the coming years.

•           PacRim is a supplier of engineering services and solutions to aerospace companies, governments, manufacturers, operators and private aircraft owners

•           Office is located at 215 East Bay Street in downtown Charleston, with plans to add a second location in North Charleston in the future.

•           PacRim, a woman-owned business, is involved in The Boeing Company’s Women in Manufacturing (WIM) initiative.


About Pacific Rim Aerospace:

PacRim was founded in 2007 to provide personal and innovative solutions for aerospace engineering applications at companies that range in size from large, multi-national corporations and governments to small, local companies. It is headquartered in Kirkland, Wash. with a new office in downtown Charleston, and plans to add a facility in North Charleston in the near future. PacRim was also recently awarded a Seaport-E follow-on contract for the Navy for Engineering and Program Management Services. See www.PacRimAero.comfor more information.