“Painted Voices” premieres at Native American Studies Center

April 8, 2024

Discover the two-dimensional array of landscapes, abstracts, and portrait-style artwork from Catawba Nation artists DeAnn Beck and Nicole Foxx Braswell in the new “Painted Voices” exhibit, now open at USC Lancaster’s Native American Studies Center.

On Thursday, April 11, Braswell will give an artist talk about her work in the exhibit at 6 p.m. via Zoom. Daughter of Charles “Buster” Foxx, great-granddaughter of Mary Evelyn Ayers, Braswell recalls being introduced to the world of art by coloring with her grandmother for hours when she was a child. She began sketching as a child and as a young adult, honing her craft in painting.

“Waterfall” (pictured here) and other mixed medium artwork by Nicole Foxx Braswell (Catawba) will be on display in the exhibit “Painted Voices” open through Thursday, June 20, 2024 at the Native American Studies Center.

The self-taught artist teaches painting to Catawba citizens at the Cultural Center Preservation Project and has recently taken classes through the CCPP on creating traditional Catawba pottery. Though she has worked with ceramics and stained glass, Braswell says that her love resides in canvas painting.

“I find inspiration in the smallest of things, such as an expression on someone’s face, a turn of phrase in a book, or a leaf falling on the ground. I have always been drawn to the ‘abstract’ whether it is within thought, or art, as I believe that is where the ‘creative spirit’ comes alive,” said Braswell. “Since the passing of my father in 2020, many of my artistic themes have been around the Indigenous experience. He was a very proud Catawba and was one of my biggest fans, so I paint to honor him, our legacy as Indigenous peoples, and to promote our experience to the world.”

To attend Braswell’s virtual talk, visit the Center’s website or Facebook page to register via the link provided.

The untitled watercolor paintings of DeAnn Beck (Catawba) are featured in the new exhibit, “Painted Voices,” now open at USC Lancaster’s Native American Studies Center.

“Painted Voices” is on display through Thursday, June 20 in the Center’s Red Rose Gallery. Prints from the exhibit are available for purchase.

For more information about “Painted Voices” or the Native American Studies Center, call (803) 313-7172 or visit www.nativeamericanstudies.org.