Positive Changes in Presbyterian College’s Music Department Embrace Community Engagement

June 19, 2024

One of the many benefits of having a college in your community is the access to rich arts programs available to the public. Presbyterian College (PC) in Clinton, SC, is a shining example of this, particularly within its vibrant Department of Visual and Performing Arts, which has recently undergone some exciting changes.

PC Music has seen a dynamic shift with the retirement of Dr. Richard Thomas and the appointment of Dr. Giovani Briguente, who has taken on the additional role of directing the orchestral program. Dr. Briguente, who has already made significant strides in expanding the band program over the past three years, is now turning his attention to the PC chamber orchestra and string ensembles, actively recruiting both students and Laurens County community members to join.

Under Dr. Briguente’s leadership, the orchestral program is opening its doors to community members, inviting them to audition and participate. This inclusive approach mirrors the successful transformation he implemented in the band program, which has since flourished and provided numerous free, high-quality performances for the community.

Dr. Briguente is passionate about broadening the reach of PC Music. “Our goal is to reach out to as many people as possible and invite them to be part of our musical family. Community engagement is at the heart of what we do,” he said.

The positive changes within the Department of Visual and Performing Arts at Presbyterian College are a testament to the institution’s commitment to fostering a thriving arts community that extends beyond the campus. Through Dr. Briguente’s vision and dedication, the department is not only nurturing talented musicians but also enriching the cultural landscape of Laurens County.

For those interested in joining the orchestra or learning more about the program, Dr. Briguente encourages you to reach out to him via email at [email protected]. This initiative is an excellent opportunity for community members to connect with the arts and contribute to the growing musical legacy of Presbyterian College.