Power:Ed awards SCICU $50,000 for student completion grants

June 18, 2024

South Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities (SCICU) announced the receipt of a $50,000 grant from Power:Ed, the philanthropy of the S.C. Student Loan Corporation, that will provide completion grants for students at financial risk for dropping out of college.

PHOTO CAPTION: Commemorating Power:Ed’s fifth completion grant award to SCICU are (L-R) Trey Simon, President & CEO, S.C. Student Loan Corporation; Emma Reabold, Vice President for Development and Campus Services, SCICU; Claire Gibbons, Executive Director, Power:Ed; and Dr. L. Jeffrey Perez, President & CEO, SCICU.

In 2019, SCICU was Power:Ed’s inaugural grant recipient, and this marks the fifth year Power:Ed has funded completion grants supporting SCICU’s 21 member colleges and universities. This year a total of $50,000 in Power:Ed completion grants will be shared with financial aid directors at SCICU’s 21 member institutions to help undergraduate students persist through unforeseen financial difficulties and complete their degrees.

“We at SCICU are extremely grateful for our decades-long relationship with the S.C. Student Loan Corporation,” said Jeff Perez, SCICU president and CEO. “S.C. Student Loan has generously supported SCICU member institutions for many years, and we are very thankful for the fifth consecutive cycle of Power:Ed grants that will help students focus on their studies rather than financial concerns.”

During the fourth award year, Power:Ed completion grants were awarded to 29 students at SCICU’s 21 member colleges and universities, with a $1,666 average grant amount.

“Completion scholarships can make all the difference in helping students persist to finish their education and succeed in school, their careers, and in life. We are pleased to be able to sustain this grant to SCICU and its member schools for a record fifth year,” said Power:Ed Executive Director Claire Gibbons.

Power:Ed has awarded $1,000,000 in grants to South Carolina education and career readiness organizations in FY 2023-24. In this fourth fiscal quarter, Power:Ed awarded five grants, including the grant to SCICU, totaling $208,000. Grants are administered quarterly, and the next grant funding deadline is July 1, 2024.


About Power:Ed

Founded in 2019, Power:Ed, the philanthropy of S.C. Student Loan Corporation, is dedicated to creating opportunities for South Carolina’s youth and adults by supporting low-income, minority, and first-generation students; improving access to college and degree completion; and creating pathways to quality workforce opportunities. Organizations serving middle school through post-college talent who are interested in applying for a grant or partnering with Power:Ed should visit power-ed.org.



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