Primaries Certified, Runoffs Set for June 25 

June 17, 2024

If you believe your vote doesn’t matter, think again. The race for Laurens County Council District 7 is heading to a runoff because the candidates received an equal number of votes—a literal tie.

Your vote is crucial, so take advantage of early voting next week or make plans to vote on Tuesday, June 25th.

The results of the June 11 Statewide Primaries have been certified, and the S.C. State Election Commission wants to make sure voters understand the rules for voting in the Runoffs on Tuesday, June 25.

  • Check your sample ballot at to see offices in which you are eligible to vote. Some voters will not have a Runoff.
  • Voters who voted in the June 11 Primaries are limited to voting in the same party’s Runoff.
  • Voters who did not vote in the June 11 Primaries can choose to vote in either party’s Runoff.

Early Voting Period

Polling Place on Election Day

June 25 Runoffs for Laurens County:

US House of Representatives, District 3 – (Republican)

  • Sheri Biggs
  • Mark Burns

County Council, District 7 – (Republican)

  • Justin Lane
  • David Tribble