Proactive MD, Bob Jones University partnership brings new approach to Advanced Primary Care

January 3, 2023

New Upstate Health Centers available to university educators and other local businesses

Advanced Primary Care provider Proactive MD is launching two new Health Centers in the Upstate serving employees of Bob Jones University (BJU) and local businesses in the community. With doors opening this month, Proactive MD will boast a total of eleven locations across South Carolina, expanding their Upstate Direct Primary Care footprint to include Greenville, Greer, Mauldin and Spartanburg.

Proactive MD’s unique model delivers high-touch, boutique style care at onsite health centers with physicians who treat the whole patient and dedicated Patient Advocates available to navigate the complex continuum of care by coordinating specialty visits and second opinions.

“It’s incredible to know that accessible, comprehensive care will soon be a reality for so many, and a privilege to provide an innovative solution to a community so deserving,” says John Collier, founder, and CEO of Proactive MD. “There is a demand in the marketplace for alternative approaches to care for employers and patients, and we are here to deliver that alternative.”

BJU recently announced their partnership with Proactive MD to implement the Advanced Primary Care solution and bring a fresh approach to their health plan design.

“We are excited to partner with Proactive MD to offer a world-class primary care solution to our faculty, staff, and administrators,” said Kevin Taylor, chief human resources officer at BJU. “With the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, we reached a point where it made sense for us to rethink our entire health plan strategy. Proactive MD worked with us to create a customized solution that is truly innovative. Our goal through this model is to optimize the care experience for our employees while also impacting the total cost of care. I think the BJU community is going to be thrilled with it.”

The Health Center will serve 2,600 lives from BJU Inc. and BJU Education Group employees and their families. In addition to BJU, Proactive MD will have the capacity to serve additional lives from local businesses in the community.

“Having a dedicated medical home, where our valued educators and their families can get top-quality primary care when they need it, will significantly enhance our employee value proposition and support the transformative work they do,” continued Taylor.

“We couldn’t be happier to open our doors to BJU Inc. and BJU Education Group to offer best-in-class healthcare to this population of educators in the Upstate,” said Collier. “This is the beginning of a special partnership and I feel confident it is going to be transformative. We’re committed to helping build healthier workforces, and it will be incredibly rewarding to do so. We look forward to opening this facility to others in the area and showing our Patient Promise in action.”


About Proactive MD

Patients and employers benefit from Proactive MD’s total healthcare and population health management solution, which offers Advanced Primary Care Health Centers at member companies. By elevating the standard of primary care and going above and beyond the typical boundaries of healthcare, Proactive MD meets each employee’s unique care needs. Proactive MD’s model is built on the foundation of strong provider-patient relationships and dedicated Patient Advocates, empowered by advanced population health insights, to personally guide and advise employees through the full care continuum. Today, Proactive MD is headquartered in Simpsonville, SC and operates in 17 states with more than 70 Health Centers across the U.S. For more information, please contact us at [email protected] or visit