Public input requested on bike share expansion

November 21, 2022

Midlands residents are asked provide their input as part of a bike share expansion study.  Input can be provided through an interactive online survey and map, and comments provided will help shape the development of the expansion study.

About the study

The Central Midlands Council of Governments (CMCOG) in coordination and cooperation with the City of Columbia, The Comet, City of Cayce, City of West Columbia, Town of Springdale, and the South Carolina Department of Transportation is conducting a bike share expansion feasibility study.  The objectives of the study are twofold. First, to expand upon the City of Columbia’s bike share plan as part of the Walk Bike Columbia Feasibility Study. Secondly, to create a Bike Share Plan Expansion and Implementation Document for the communities of Cayce, West Columbia, and Springdale.

The study will address several goals including:

  • Examine the quality of walking and cycling experiences around transit and certain land uses and development;
  • To link accessibility to and from homes, employment centers, businesses, and transit stops;
  • Address the needs and create safe public spaces for all user’s needs (transit, cyclist, pedestrians, and vehicular) of all ages within roads and bridges

The study process will involve many community engagement activities to bring awareness and receive input and feedback including a project video, survey, and attendance at local events.

What is bike share?

Bike share provides a network of bicycles available at self-service kiosks. Customers are able to access the bicycles with the use of a key card or fob, or through the use of their credit or debit card by purchasing a daily, weekly, monthly or annual membership. Most existing systems allow customers to make as many trips as often as they like without additional charges provided they return the bicycle to a station within 30-60 minutes (additional fees are typically incurred for keeping a bike beyond the time limit). Bike share is ideal for short distance trips and in many instances can provide a last-mile connection between transit and your final destination.

To read more about the current bike share system in Columbia, visit:

For More Information

Visit the Central Midlands Council of Governments website:

or contact the following individuals:

Reginald Simmons, Central Midlands Council of Governments, [email protected]

Lucinda Statler, City of Columbia, Planning Administrator, [email protected]