Rainbow International Raises $36,000 at 4th Annual Rainbow Charity Golf Classic

May 17, 2014

COLUMBIA, SC – On May 6th, Rainbow International of Columbia hosted the 4th Annual Rainbow Charity Golf Classic and Auction at Cobblestone Park Golf Course. This event benefits two young mothers battling cancer and a local charity with a similar interest and goal. The results of this year’s event proved to be the best yet and $36,000 was the net result. The entire $36,000 will be distributed to the beneficiaries this week. We thank all who participated.

The evolution of this event comes from a big heart. Reed Mattingly, the owner of Rainbow, threw together a small golfing event for his industry friends a few years ago so they could get together and have a fun time. The following year, he learned that a friend and business colleague’s wife was battling late stage cancer and decided to redirect the efforts of the event to help raise funds for this young mother so she could focus on her battle and spend more time with her family. The American Cancer Society was also selected as the sponsor charity that year. The event was a huge success and had a significant impact on Karen and her family.

As any cause with heart would, the Rainbow Charity Golf Classic and Auction fully developed by the 3rd year. A committee was formed, including Karen’s husband and a few other colleagues and the ongoing purpose of the event was chosen. Two young mothers battling late stage cancer were selected to be the event’s recipients and the results were better than ever. $30,000 was raised for the two young women and their families, and the Sparkle Caps Project – a local charity that offers support to women battling through chemotherapy.

Participation for this year’s event was greater than ever and we are so thankful for the Sponsors and Golfers that helped to make our 4th annual, the best yet! Please visit our Facebook page for more about this year’s event, at Rainbow International Restoration and Cleaning of Columbia.

If you would like to be part of this growing event and would like more information about the 5th Annual Rainbow Charity Golf Classic and Auction, please contact either Greg or Chris at 803-781-5557, or[email protected].