Representative Stewart Jones Handedly Wins Third Term to South State House

November 9, 2022

South Carolina Representative, Stewart Jones (District 14) won another term in office in a sound victory over his opponent. The Buzz reached out to Jones for comment on his win and to discuss his priorities for his next term.

“I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished in recent years against unparalleled obstacles. Whether it be standing up to unconstitutional acts, lowering taxes, or election integrity – we are making South Carolina more constitutionally conservative,” said Rep. Stewart Jones. “The South Carolina House of Representatives has passed the most liberty minded legislation in the history of our state, and we will continue to advance these principles of limited government and economic freedom in the coming session.”

According to Jones, some of his priorities for the upcoming session are:

  • restoring sound money/reversing inflation
  • defending life
  • school choice
  • restoring parental rights
  • stopping socialist agendas in education
  • continuing to lower taxes
  • continuing to fix roads
  • making government smaller, more transparent, and more efficient.

“Above all, I look forward to working with you to defend and advance our freedoms,” said Jones.

*Photo by Anna Kate Photography