Richland County announces public dashboard to strengthen community transparency

April 22, 2024

New online tool will show progress on strategic planning, performance management goals

Richland County Government launches a new online tool to boost transparency with residents in a simple, continuously updated fashion.

The new Strategic Plan Performance Measures tool, or “dashboard,” features data and progress reports on six strategic goals developed by County Council. Created through a collaboration with Envisio, a leading provider of strategic planning and execution software, this interactive public dashboard will help the County share its story. Richland County will also use Envisio to collect, analyze and visualize performance data to help drive better business decisions.

“County Council approved our Strategic Plan in 2022 to serve as our map to achieve our identified priorities, resulting in a promising and successful future,” said Council Chairwoman Jesica Mackey. “We receive regular progress reports from County staff, but this new dashboard increases transparency. Council realizes and values the importance of transparency around these efforts, and this online feature will help us relay important, up-to-date information on how the County is performing on a continual basis.”

The dashboard can be found by visiting Richland County’s website: and clicking on the “Mapping the Future” module on the right side of the screen. It’s also available on the County’s Strategic Plan page.

In 2021, based on insights gained from interviews with County Councilmembers, Administration and department heads, Richland County leadership began developing a Strategic Plan for the County focusing on strategic challenges and potential opportunities for the future. The Strategic Plan underwent a comprehensive refresh in 2023.

The dashboard on the Strategic Plan page outlines Council’s six strategic goals, actions being taken to achieve them, and performance data. Those six goals are to:

  • foster good governance
  • invest in economic development
  • commit to fiscal responsibility
  • plan for growth through inclusive and equitable infrastructure
  • achieve positive public engagement
  • establish operational excellence

The Strategic Plan page also includes comprehensive documents, facts and figures that County staff will update regularly.