Ritedose employees get help with gas prices

June 22, 2022

Paychecks increase $100 per month during gas price spike

Company also expanding workforce

The more than 450 employees at The Ritedose Corporation in Columbia are getting relief from high gas prices.

Jody Chastain, President and CEO of the pharmaceutical company in Columbia, announced that each employee will get what amounts to a $100 per month “fuel subsidy” included in their paychecks during this period of record gasoline prices.

Chastain estimates this subsidy amounts to, on average, about $2.50 per gallon for commutes to and from work.

“Americans rely upon Ritedose to fulfill their needs for vital medications and our people work hard and show up daily to do that,” Chastain said. “While we have provided significant pay increases at many levels, the rising fuel costs have caused additional burdens and anxieties. I felt like we needed to do something during this price spike to further enhance the lives of those whose work enhances the lives of millions of Americans.”

The Ritedose Corporation, founded in Columbia in 1995, manufactures branded and generic drugs using blow-fill-seal technology. Its primary customer base includes large pharmaceutical companies, all major wholesalers, retail pharmacies, hospital systems and others in the United States.

The company has the capacity to produce about two billion single-unit dose ampoules per year.

The company is continuing to expand a new product line in its 503B Outsourcing Facility, delivering pre-filled syringes directly to hospitals and surgery centers.

Chastain says The Ritedose Corporation is growing and is hiring about 50 new employees. “We are outperforming all expectations in the inhalation component of our operation as well as our new division that serves hospitals and large healthcare institutions,” he said. “This growth is directly attributable to the dedication of our workforce.”

About The Ritedose Corporation

Founded in 1995, The Ritedose Corporation is a pioneer in aseptic production of sterile, single-dose medications. Its primary customer base includes large pharmaceutical companies, retail pharmacies, all major wholesalers, hospital systems and others in the United States. It conducts all its drug development, manufacturing and packaging on a 33-acres campus in Columbia. With 450+ employees occupying 273,000 square feet, the campus contains a 120,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility adjacent to a 153,000 sq. ft. packaging and distribution facility. Its annual production capacity is more than two billion units of medication.