SC Department of Education Unveils New Logo

July 9, 2024

The South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE) revealed an updated look Monday morning. The new logo recognizes the agency’s rich history with a fresh, modern design.

It features elements that reflect both the heritage of our state and the forward momentum of the SCDE and South Carolina students.

By incorporating South Carolina’s Palmetto tree—the proud emblem of our state’s strong resilience and relentless hope—the new SCDE logo firmly roots this iconic symbol in the pages of a book, highlighting education as the essential foundation of South Carolina’s economic, cultural, and civic future.

With a nod to the agency’s historic founding in 1868, this new logo will serve as a recognizable source of pride and identity for the dedicated work of SCDE employees—past and present—on behalf of South Carolina families and students.

“This beautiful logo represents our historic roots, a vision for our shared future, and the hope that we know is found in a great education,” said State Superintendent of Education Ellen Weaver. “When that hope propels us to work hard together towards success for every student, the sky’s the limit. South Carolina’s education future is bright!”

This rebranding effort was created to establish a unique and uplifting identity for the agency as it continues to serve the students, teachers, and families of South Carolina. The SCDE will implement the new logo across all agency communications in print, online, and on SCDE social media accounts.