SC Nonprofit Association Releases Best Practices, 2nd Edition

October 14, 2008

COLUMBIA, SC – October 13, 2008 – The South Carolina Association of Nonprofit Organizations (SCANPO) is pleased to announce the publication of our revised Guiding Principle & Best Practices for South Carolina Nonprofits, 2nd Edition.  This publication, retailing for only $3.00, includes two new principles, Marketing & Communications and Information Management and is a continuing part of their Preserving the Public Trust Initiative.  It is also available for free on

Designed to encourage accountability among nonprofits and grantmakers, the 9 Guiding Principles 87 Best Practices are guided by values of openness, inclusiveness, accessibility, ethical conduct, and sensitivity to the diverse communities served by nonprofits. The ultimate goal is that, through widespread adoption of the principles and practices, South Carolina nonprofits will grow stronger and will demonstrate they can govern themselves responsibly. The hoped-for result is to preserve the trust and confidence of the public, whose continued support is critical to the sector’s vitality.

“In publishing these guiding principles and best practices, we are seeking to promote and support adherence through education, training, and building awareness” said Mason B. Hardy, SCANPO President.  Nonprofit board members and staffers are encouraged to use the document as a guide to assess their current levels of practice, with an eye toward identifying opportunities to improve the effectiveness of their organizations.

In addition to this publication, SCANPO will also conduct a series of nine trainings in Charleston beginning on October 30, 2008 and in Columbia beginning in January 2009.  Each series is made up of nine half-day workshops that include a detailed toolkit designed to assist participating nonprofit implement each Guiding Principle. 

To download or purchase a Guiding Principles & Best Practices booklet, to register or for more information, visit or call 803-929-0399.

The South Carolina Association of Nonprofit Organizations (SCANPO) is the only statewide organization that brings together charitable nonprofits to strengthen the effectiveness of the state’s nonprofit community.  SCANPO’s mission is to serve, support, and strengthen nonprofit organizations for a better South Carolina. 

For information on SCANPO, please call 803-929-0399 or visit