SC Ports contributes $50,000 to urban trail system in Greer

November 29, 2022

City of Greer Mayor Rick Danner and SC Ports CEO Barbara Melvin (Photo/SCPA/English Purcell)

South Carolina Ports is contributing $50,000 to the City of Greer to help create an urban trail system in the Sunnyside community.

The proposed trail system — called the Wards Creek Trail — will provide a new recreational amenity for Sunnyside residents.

“SC Ports’ mission extends beyond our gates,” SC Ports President and CEO Barbara Melvin said. “We are excited to support the City of Greer’s effort to build the Wards Creek Trail. This urban trail system is a great quality of life initiative that will enhance walkability for residents in the Sunnyside community.”

The trail project is designed to create more pedestrian access and connectivity to the City of Greer’s downtown area. It will also showcase the beauty of the creek corridor.

“The trail system will provide recreational opportunities for our community, connect neighborhoods in a way that does not currently exist, and continue the City of Greer’s investment in green space as our population grows,” City of Greer Administrator Andy Merriman said. “We look forward to making this trail something for everyone in the city to enjoy, and we welcome the support of SC Ports in making that happen.”

SC Ports opened Inland Port Greer in 2013, extending the Port of Charleston’s reach 212 miles inland with overnight rail service. Inland Port Greer has grown substantially over the past nine years.

Inland Port Greer efficiently handles imports and exports for many sectors throughout the Southeast, including for advanced manufacturers, automakers, retailers, home goods companies and solar panel producers.

SC Ports is now expanding Inland Port Greer to better serve its growing customers. The expansion will more than double Inland Port Greer’s cargo capacity and greatly enhance rail capabilities.

“SC Ports’ Inland Port Greer is an incredible asset for South Carolina’s supply chain,” Melvin said. “As we continue to invest in Inland Port Greer and create more jobs throughout the Upstate, we are proud to also invest in the surrounding community.”