SC winning the numbers game

June 4, 2024

By Alan Cooper

On Monday, June 3, I appeared on the SC Business Review with Mike Switzer. I highlighted a few metrics that are important to the future of the South Carolina economy:

  • 1.1% and -0.1% – this one has to do with demographics
  • 280 and 70 – this one has to do with strategic acres of land.

Find out what those numbers mean by listening to the interview on the SC Business Review website.

The South Carolina Business Review focuses on news from South Carolina’s business community with interviews of many small business owners and business leaders from around the state. South Carolina’s nonprofits, including its colleges and universities are also regularly featured on the program, as well as many of the state’s small business support organizations.

You can also listen to this interview wherever you find podcasts.

Below is the interview on Spotify.