SCDOT has 13 projects ready with estimated construction costs of $510 million

January 30, 2008

COLUMBIA, SC – January 30, 2008 –  Transportation Secretary H.B. Limehouse Jr. has unveiled a package of highway projects that could be under contract in six months if the Economic Stimulus Package for Transportation discussed by Congress last week becomes reality.

The possibility exists that Congress my allocate billions of dollars toward the federal-aid highway program as part of its Economic Stimulus Package. Secretary Limehouse said that the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) has a plan that gets work started quickly on important road projects, and stimulates the construction business, which would provide jobs in the state.

“We stand ready to work with our South Carolina Congressional delegation by providing this list of projects that could be under construction in 2008. The partnerships SCDOT has with our members of Congress and the SC General Assembly have always been successful. Together we can build and maintain highways that will benefit our people and the economy,” said Limehouse.

The 13 projects proposed by Limehouse and SCDOT (see below links) have been through the criteria process and have been ranked on the priority list. The exceptions are projects that are already under construction, such as the US 17 widening project in Beaufort County. Funding from the proposed Stimulus Package would provide for the widening of additional miles of US 17.

“Extending the US 17 widening project in the ACE Basin is just one of the many worthwhile projects that could benefit by the economic stimulus package,” said SCDOT Commissioner Henry Taylor, of the 2nd Congressional District. “Boosting the economy and saving lives through better roads would be a win-win for the 2nd Congressional District and the entire state of South Carolina.”

The list of projects submitted by SCDOT are located in 26 of the state’s 46 counties.