SCE&G expands natural gas service in Aiken

August 24, 2007

COLUMBIA, SC – August 24, 2007 – In response to a growing interest in natural gas, South Carolina Electric & Gas is expanding its natural gas service around Aiken, beginning with the new Trolley Run Station and Sage Creek developments under construction by FineDeering Development Group.

“Partnerships with developers like the FineDeering Group make bringing natural gas service to communities such as Aiken possible,” said Marty Phalen, vice president of SCE&G’s gas operations. “FineDeering’s commitment to provide clean, reliable natural gas in their residential new construction neighborhoods ebraces what many residential customers prefer for their homes.”

According to a study conducted by SCE&G in February 2007, more than 75 percent of Aiken gas customers and more than 40 percent of those currently in an all-electric home felt strongly that their ideal home would feature natural gas.  Additionally, nearly 90 percent of respondents with natural gas agreed that a combination of natural gas and electricity would have been a superior choice, if available. According to the study, two-thirds of customers without natural gas agreed with this statement.

“We chose to offer natural gas at Trolley Run Station and Sage Creek not only to meet our customer requests for gas-fired hot water heaters, gas fireplaces and natural gas for cooking, but also because we are committed to the enviroment and domestic products,” said Bob Deering, principal of FineDeering Development Group. “It’s important to us to be able to offer a fuel that burns cleaner and that is produced largely in the United States.”

Natural gas produces 60 percent less carbon dioxide and burns the cleanest of all fossil fuels. Additionally, the United States produces approximately 85 percent of the natural gas used by Amercian consumers.

In October 2006, SCE&G began a campaign to expand natural gas service to new markets such as Myrtle Beach and Bluffton and to other high growth areas in and around Aiken, Charleston and Columbia. This expansion of natural gas service is in direct response to studies showing that a majority of SCE&G customers prefer a home with both natural gas and electricity over an electric-only home. SCE&G expects to bring natural gas to approximately 150,000 new customers over the next 10 years.

In Aiken, the expansion begins with the Trolley Run Station and Sage Creek residential housing developments. Further expansion will be in Edgefield County, the south side of Aiken and North Augusta.

South Carolina Electric & Gas Company is a regulated public utility that provides natural gas service to approximately 300,000 customers in 35 counties in the state. The company also is engaged in the generation, transmission, distribution and sale of electricity to approximately 633,000 customers in 24 counties in central, southern and southwestern portions of South Carolina. Information about SCE&G is available on the company’s web site at