SCRA and Partners Form Defense Advanced Battery Manufacturing Coalition

February 9, 2009

CHARLESTON, SC – February 9, 2009 – SCRA, a global leader in applied research and commercialization services, announces the formation of a coalition to provide the U.S. military with high quality, domestically produced, advanced battery components. Comprised of the nation’s leading suppliers of advanced batteries and battery systems, including Delphi Corporation, Quallion, Yardney Technical Products, SAFT Batteries, International Battery, Altairnano, Lithium Technology, Eagle Picher and Mobius Power, the Defense Advanced Battery Manufacturing Coalition (DABMC) expects to significantly increase the number of U.S. engineering and manufacturing jobs over the next two years.

“U.S. capability for developing and producing key advanced battery system components like battery cells, sensors and control electronics will ensure that U.S. vehicle makers have access to the very latest advancements in battery technology and U.S. sources for production,” said Bob Schumacher, general director for advanced product and business development at Delphi Corporation. “This would also ensure the U.S. military has access to the enabling technology for advanced battery systems under all conditions.”

“We strongly endorse the coalition’s efforts to establish a right-sized domestic production capability for advanced lithium ion batteries,” said Dr. Hisashi Tsukamoto, Quallion CEO and CTO. Quallion LLC is a Southern California-based manufacturer of lithium ion cells. “Targeting both military and early civilian applications, we believe that the coalition can establish a sustainable business model that also serves the strategic interests of the U.S. by reducing U.S. dependence on foreign oil.”

The coalition has a portfolio of projects that are ready for implementation to test and demonstrate new battery capabilities for military and commercial applications.  These projects were identified over the past year by the coalition’s participants working with broader industry and government participation.  The DABMC initiatives focus on advancing existing U.S. technology and infrastructure to meet Department of Defense requirements and needs, based not on any one organization’s interests or capabilities, but rather on the needs and best interests of the nation overall.

The DABMC has a detailed plan to bolster a U.S.-based advanced battery manufacturing industry. The coalition’s goals include reducing U.S. dependence on foreign oil and creating a stronger, U.S.-based advanced battery supply chain — from concept and design to battery disposal and recycle. The coalition’s efforts will also reduce environmental pollutants resulting from petroleum-based products.

Coalition partner Yardney Technical Products has been supplying specialty batteries in the U.S. for 65 years. “During our history, the industry has become overly dependent on foreign suppliers. The Coalition will significantly improve this precarious situation. We look forward to assisting in this effort to support U.S.-based battery production,” said Yardney’s president and chief operating officer Vincent A. Yevoli, Jr.

Saft Batteries has had a major manufacturing presence in the U.S. for over 40 years as a leading US space & defense battery supplier. Glen Bowling, Saft VP of sales for the company’s Specialty Battery Group, said “this coalition will provide a long needed voice for the industry and will help pursue the resources needed to keep the U.S. strong in this critical technology area.” Bowling said that “severe global competition can be overcome if industry and government pull together in the way this coalition envisions.” Saft’s goal within this program is to use its experience and technical portfolio to establish a globally competitive, high-quality and high-volume U.S. manufacturing site to compete head to head in the lithium ion cell and battery market.

Stationery power and energy storage applications are another key component in the effort to increase the use of advanced batteries.  “As a developer and manufacturer of innovative, powerful and safe lithium titanate batteries for applications by the U.S. military and by electric utility and transportation providers, Altairnano strongly supports the goals of this coalition,” said Terry Copeland, president and CEO of Altairnano. “America needs a strong advanced battery industry to help meet the nation’s defense, environmental and energy goals,” he said.

EaglePicher Technologies has been a leader in electroenergy storage technology for nearly a century. As a major design and manufacturer of high reliability battery components and systems for defense, space, medical and automotive applications, EaglePicher is a critical participant in the DABMC’s forward progress. “EaglePicher views the DABMC as a major step forward in the progress of furthering alternative energy solutions for commercial and defense vehicles,” said Randy Moore, EaglePicher Technologies president. “By reducing our nation’s dependency on foreign oil, in turn decreasing our carbon footprint, the DABMC is leading our nation towards a stronger and more independent future.” EaglePicher’s objective within this program is to leverage its experience and expertise in the advancement of electroenergy storage technologies to help establish a competitive manufacturing presence.

“International Battery is pleased to join with other members of industry as part of the Defense Advanced Battery Manufacturing Coalition (DABMC). We look forward to this opportunity to expand our support for the development and supply of critically needed advanced battery technology for use in both commercial as well as defense applications. In recent years, International Battery’s R&D efforts have led to the development of advanced battery systems that have achieved multiple Technology Readiness Levels within the Department of Defense. International Battery is a strategically positioned leader in the field of lithium battery technology with engineering and manufacturing facilities located in Allentown, PA and Oakland, NJ.”

“SCRA is pleased to lead this crucial initiative that supports advanced material manufacturing for our nation and for our military,” said Bill Mahoney, SCRA CEO. “Our proven track record and deep expertise in delivering collaboration management and advanced materials technology to our nation’s military will again deliver improved mission and financial fitness to our military clients.”

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