SeamonWhiteside donates design services and volunteer efforts for Camp Happy Days

August 18, 2022

SeamonWhiteside (SW+), a full-service site design firm throughout the Carolinas, recently donated services and volunteer efforts to design and build a new landscape at Camp Happy Days’ Corporate Office located at 933 Dupont Rd Suite B, Charleston, SC 29407. Camp Happy Days is a 501(c)(3) charity that supports and encourages children diagnosed with cancer and their families by providing cost-free year-round programs, special events, and access to crisis resources.

SeamonWhiteside donated its design services to revamp the exterior of Camp Happy Day’s corporate office, which is located in an old warehouse building. They worked closely with the team to create a conceptual landscape plan for the front entry area. The firm then formed a team of 15 employees that volunteered their time to install the landscape over the course of two days.

“As a firm, it was our honor to donate our time, effort, and expertise to help a great cause in our community. This was a special project to us. We wanted every aspect to be perfect and the finished project to be a place of joy and encouragement,” says Russ Seamon, President of SeamonWhiteside. “We don’t normally install landscaping, but this project was close to our hearts at SeamonWhiteside and we had incredible employees who were eager to spend their time bringing the project to life. We hope this will bring a smile to the faces of the children and their parents for years to come.”

Camp Happy Day’s goal is to improve the physical, emotional, and psychological health of the entire family facing pediatric cancer. They hope to give kids the chance to be kids again—and help them and their families through the most challenging time of their lives.

“We are incredibly grateful to SeamonWhiteside for its donation of not only expertise but also volunteer efforts on this project. From the beginning, we wanted to create a welcoming and environmentally friendly landscape plan for the children and families we serve,” says Cindy Hay Johnson, Executive Director at Camp Happy Days. “We wanted something that would be sustainable, interactive, and provide food for our families and community while also attracting pollinators and butterflies. From concept to actual execution, SeamonWhiteside’s charitable donations made this project possible just in time for our Open House! This building and outdoor space will allow us to offer more programming for kids kickin’ cancer and their families!”

SeamonWhiteside worked with partner LS3P Associates on this meaningful project and together formed volunteer teams to install the landscape. “It was a great pleasure to work with Russ Seamon and the SeamonWhiteside team on the Camp Happy Days project. From conception to completion, our teams were able to work closely together to bring this vision to life,” says Richard Gowe, Vice President and Principal at LS3P. “This project was significant to our team at LS3P, and we are honored to donate our services to create a place of hope and happiness for children facing cancer and their families. It is special to work with partners like SeamonWhiteside to make a lasting impact on our community.”

Currently, SeamonWhiteside is working with Camp Happy Days to design the rear exterior area, consisting of an open-air patio, a large play area, a butterfly garden, and walkways. The exterior space is expected to be completed within the next six months.

Camp Happy Days rely on the generosity of donations to provide funding and resources for summer camp and their year-round cost-free programs for families of children with cancer. To donate items on Camp Happy Days’ Summer Camp Wishlist, please visit

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