SeamonWhiteside doubles fundraising goal for Lowcountry Heart Walk

March 16, 2023

Over the last seven years, SW+ has participated in the annual Lowcountry Heart Walk hosted by the American Heart Association. This year, they exceeded their fundraising goal by 2x and raised more than $21,000, tripling their fundraising efforts from last year. Cumulatively, the firm has raised more than $77,000 for this nonprofit organization through their donations and participation each year.

This year was different for a variety of reasons, but the biggest impact on fundraising was from one employee who is personally passionate about this cause. Malcolm Glenn, SeamonWhiteside’s newest Civil Engineering Project Manager, has a son named Oliver who was diagnosed with congenital heart disease before he was born, and underwent two open heart surgeries before the age of three years old. Glenn played a significant role in the success of the company’s fundraising efforts, and along with his wife and their two children, participated in the Heart Walk on the SW+ team, with Oliver donning a “Born Brave” shirt.

Funds raised in the Lowcountry Heart Walk go towards more research, more people trained in lifesaving CPR, more medical breakthroughs, and more champions for equitable health.