SeamonWhiteside offers actionable strategies to recruit top talent and build a strong workforce

May 31, 2022

SeamonWhiteside (SW+), a full-service site design firm throughout the Carolinas, offers hiring strategies for companies to build a strong workforce successfully. These actionable tips aim to create an efficient and effective hiring process to attract and retain top talent.

In 2022, 41% of employees in the global workforce are considering resigning from their roles, and 36% of those leaving their roles plan to do so without having their next job in place, according to sources. With this “Great Resignation,” it is important for companies to find qualified candidates aligned with the company’s values and goals to attract top candidates and retain them. SeamonWhiteside believes in selecting candidates based on experience level, individual team goal alignment, and values.

“The ‘SeamonWhiteside Way’ is an important factor in our hiring process. When we bring someone new onto the team, we bring them into a community. We have an incredible live, work, and play balance, and we continue to prioritize and preserve that culture,” says Joe Bryant, PE, Executive Vice President at SeamonWhiteside. “During the hiring process, one of the most important steps in bringing the candidates to the office is to meet our employees. We want them to feel the closeness at SeamonWhiteside, and it allows us to see if they are a good fit in our environment.”

Companies can no longer ignore cultural fit in the hiring process. It is important to truly understand the specific environment a candidate will succeed in and be sure it aligns with the company’s values.

“SeamonWhiteside does an incredible job of understanding how fostering a collaborative and supportive environment has a largely positive effect on employee retention. It is important to our company never to lose the value of community here,” says Demetria Weaver, Human Resources Director at SeamonWhiteside. “SeamonWhiteside is a very people-first environment. Everyone from entry-level positions to management and leadership is looking for ways to go above and beyond and help each other succeed. The ‘SeamonWhiteside Way’ is something that initially attracts top employees and keeps them here for many years.”

To help companies attract and retain top talent, SeamonWhiteside has compiled five actionable strategies for the hiring process.

Understand your company’s mission and vision.
Can you and your employees define your company’s mission and vision? What makes your company stand out from the rest? SeamonWhiteside’s mission is to commit wholeheartedly to our people, our clients, our communities, and our plans. We set the standard in the site design experience. Our vision is to be the most exceptional site design firm in every community we serve. By having a clear understanding of both a company’s mission and vision, you can portray this to candidates and determine if the candidate aligns with and supports these values.

Determine what you are looking for in a candidate.
Decide what a candidate must embody to be able to succeed and grow in their role. At SeamonWhiteside, the three most essential factors we look at while interviewing a candidate are experience level, team goal alignment, and cultural fit.

Making the hiring process easy and pleasant.
Refrain from a drawn-out hiring process and treat all candidates with respect. At SeamonWhiteside, every potential hire is invited to the office during working hours so they can experience the office environment and meet and connect with as many people as possible. We want them to be able to picture themselves as part of our community from the very beginning.

Diversify job listings and platforms.
Post job listings on different platforms to attract a diverse candidate pool. SeamonWhiteside uses various avenues, including LinkedIn, Linkedin recruitment, employee referrals, career pages, and social media.

Your words and actions must match the employee experience.
Goals, ambitions, and growth promised during an interview must be consistent with what your company is actively doing for current employees. To judge if a candidate will be a good fit, you need to be honest about your company and the environment. At SeamonWhiteside, we consistently check in with our employees to make sure the “SeamonWhiteside Way”, that we are so proud of, is always upheld.


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