‘Silent Surfaces: Mapping Spatial and Personal Discoveries’ art exhibition to open at GCCA’s Main Gallery – June 7-24

May 22, 2024

Exhibition opens June 7, 2024

Visit GCCA on Friday, June 7th from 6-9pm for the opening reception of the newest Main Gallery exhibition, ‘Silent Surfaces: Mapping Spatial and Personal Discoveries’. Admission is free and open to the public. This exhibition will be on display from June 7th – July 24th, 2024. Artworks will be for sale throughout the duration of the exhibition. Artwork purchase inquiries can be sent to Gallery Director, Ben Tarcson at [email protected].

‘Silent Surfaces: Mapping Personal and Spatial Discoveries’ is a three-person exhibition featuring the artwork of Donnie Copeland (Arkansas), Ryan Lewis (Michigan), & Matthew McLaughlin (Maryland)—each offering distinct avenues of exploration into introspection, spatial cognition, and nuanced patterns of existence. Copeland’s “Interrupted Paths” series examines ideas interruptions and transitions through painted collage, prompting viewers to consider the parallels between the visual disruptions of his painted striations to the complexities of life’s journey. Lewis’s “Everted Sanctuaries” delves into the nature of introversion, revealing the delicate balance between speaking out and blending in. Through stop-motion animation videos, Lewis uncovers the unseen struggles of introverts, utilizing found objects as metaphors for the transformative process from silence to expression. McLaughlin’s artwork, characterized by his “Proxemic Boundaries” & “Reflective Cartography” mixed media series, studies spatial environments, both personal and societal. By dissecting the divisions humans create, McLaughlin prompts viewers to reflect on their relationships and the subtle yet profound impact of boundaries on our lives. Together, these artists provoke dialogues on the intricacies of human existence, inviting viewers to navigate the silent surfaces of their own inner landscapes while mapping the depths of vulnerability concealed beneath personal and collective experiences.

Learn more about the exhibition by heading to this URL: https://artcentergreenville.org/exhibitions/silentsurfaces/


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