skillsgapp launches two new Skillionaire Games

June 5, 2024

Skillionaire Games help to meet South Carolina’s rising demand for skilled talent in advanced manufacturing and healthcare

In response to a statewide demand for skilled talent pipelines in both advanced manufacturing and healthcare, Skillionaire Games, a subsidiary of skillsgapp, a company that develops free-to-play career video games geared toward 13-22+-year olds, is pleased to announce the deployment of their two newest game titles, ‘Maker Mojo’ and ‘Healing Agent’ across the Palmetto State.

Each free-to-play game offers players fun “virtual apprenticeships” to support the state’s most needed careers in advanced manufacturing and healthcare, respectively. Upon completion of industry-inspired achievements, players are fed job titles related to the tasks they’ve just performed, their salaries, local companies and pathways specific to the region they’re in.

“97% of this next workforce generation has a mobile device, and 96% play games. Marrying these two technologies to scale career awareness and access to opportunities, including in our most rural areas, presents an innovative workforce development solution for more sustainable pipelines for all of our skilled-based sectors,” explains skillsgapp’s South Carolina Co-founder and CEO, Tina Zwolinski. “And leveraging geo-location technology to offer content right around the player, including what local colleges offer relevant programs, or which companies or hospitals are looking to fill their talent pipelines, will be a real game changer, not just in keeping our advanced manufacturing and healthcare industries thriving, but our communities too.”

South Carolina’s economic growth, which hit 5.7% in the third quarter of last year, was driven largely by two sectors: advanced manufacturing (automotive, tire and aerospace industries); and retail and distribution (warehousing, ports and rail). With that economic and employment growth comes a flip side: South Carolina, like many US states, is running up against a shortage of workers. Sixty-five percent of advanced manufacturers report that filing jobs is their #1 concern. However, with 250,000 high school students set to graduate over the next four years in South Carolina, this isn’t a people problem, but an awareness one.

“The annual wage of jobs in advanced manufacturing is 33% higher than the state’s average annual wage,” says South Carolina Power Team’s Director of Community Development, Caroline Warner. “These are good jobs with meaningful trajectories for growth, with or without a four-year degree, that are simply under-represented in school. As part of our commitment to supporting South Carolina industry by developing, retaining and attracting a stronger workforce pipeline, we’re proud to partner with skillsgapp in the deployment of Maker Mojo to ensure free play for all players, no matter where they live in the state.”

Similar to South Carolina’s advanced manufacturing talent shortage, its healthcare industry is also feeling the pinch. According to the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, 41 of 46 counties in the state are experiencing a shortage of health professionals, disproportionately affecting low-income residents, especially those living in the state’s rural areas. “As part of MUSC Health’s dedication to educating and training the next generation of outstanding health care providers and leaders, we want to create a pipeline of talent and opportunity to serve the people of South Carolina,” said Wendy Minor, Medical University of South Carolina’s executive director of External Affairs. “Healing Agent offers an engaging way for middle- and high school students to get the exposure to health care careers that they previously didn’t know existed. We’re thrilled to support this innovative workforce initiative.”

Under the skillsgapp’s ethos, “Everyone has a hire purpose,” Skillionaire Games’ Maker Mojo and Healing Agent career games aim to address the vast skilled talent gap unique to advanced manufacturing and healthcare by exposing more youth, with an emphasis on underserved populations, to the opportunities that are right in front of them in a fun, engaging way. To support specific talent needs, companies and colleges are offered in-game branded content opportunities for early talent awareness.

Both titles include gameplay inspired by South Carolina’s industry leaders themselves. Maker Mojo players will be programming robots, welding flying cars and 3D-printing robot shoes with an emphasis on 5.0 principles, including IoT, cybersecurity and a circular economy. Healing Agent players will be assessing and diagnosing patients in both primary and acute settings, from phlebotomy and vitals sims, to reporting and medical terminology. At the end of each level in both games, each player is provided with relevant, local educational pathways and prospective job opportunities that can be pursued in real life.

Skillsgapp’s Skillionaire Games overarching mission is to connect youth to life-changing careers through game-changing play, with an emphasis on underserved communities.

To find out more about how your company or pathway can be included in Skillionaire Games’ Maker Mojo or Healing Agent, visit or contact us at 864.469.9340.