Smoked announces collaboration dinner for exclusive Blue Zone dinner experience

June 11, 2024
Smoked, located at 1643 Main Street, is proud to announce its collaboration with Blue Zones, the City of Columbia SC, the Columbia World Affairs Council, and the Walker Institute of International and Area Studies, USC, for an educational dining experience. Blue Zone Dinner will be hosted at Smoked on June 27th at 6:30PM.

Blue Zones represent regions in the world where longevity of life is common. The Blue Zones initiative aims to promote life longevity and well-being while supporting communities around the world to make and sustain healthier lifestyle choices. With a steadfast commitment to helping establish Columbia, SC as a certified blue zone, Smoked, along with the City of Columbia SC, the Columbia World Affairs Council, and the Walker Institute of International and Area Studies, USC are joining efforts to create a lasting campaign.

Smoked embodies the ethos of farm-to-table dining and sustainable living through locally sourcing ingredients and emphasizing healthy food consumption. The Blue Zones diet consists of high seafood consumption, which Smoked offers a range of options to achieve. The restaurant also hosts an on-site microbrewery, which serves as a testing hub for Peak Drift Brewing. Peak Drift Brewing crafts beer using a clean water system, further enhancing the commitment to healthier living.

“I have designed this menu to both reflect our community in South Carolina and the ways of the zone the dish is representing.  We will be using the freshest local ingredients, and cooking them with simple innovative techniques that do not deplete the nutrients in these ingredients, and do not detract from the beautiful bounty our potential zone can provide.” states Timothy McCloskey, Executive Chef at Smoked.

“At Smoked, we are thrilled to host Columbia’s first Blue Zone dinner, celebrating the city’s commitment to healthier living and the opportunity to partner with Mayor Rickenmann’s office, Columbia World Affairs Council, and USC’s Walker Institute of International and Area Studies. This event is a testament to our dedication to providing fresh, locally sourced dishes; a concept loved and shared throughout our community. Smoked is proud to offer alternatives to ultra-processed cuisine by using quality ingredients and state-of-the-art equipment and processes. From our dishes and libations to the beers, ciders, and seltzers created at our in-house microbrewery, Peak Drift Brewing Company, this commitment is reflected in all that we do. It’s an honor to help bring our community together over a mutual passion for better health and wellness for all.” states Sara Middleton Styles, co-owner of Smoked.

“In the Blue Zones, where people live the longest and healthiest, communities thrive on a shared commitment to well-being, including healthy eating habits. They value connection, purpose, and taking care of each other. Columbia embodies this sense of purpose and is ripe to become a Blue Zone certified city!  We are excited to partner with Smoked and their amazing team to craft a beautiful evening where we will taste the experience of the five global Blue Zones and create an evening where longevity dances with vitality!” states Jodi Salter, Director for Strategic Initiatives at the Walker Institute, USC.

Tickets for the Blue Zone Dinner are available now. Guests can expect to learn more about the Blue Zones campaign while enjoying an intricate five-course meal. Each dish is created using locally sourced ingredients from nearby farms including Senn Brothers Produce, Bradford Farms, Inland Seafood, alongside supplies from Cheney Brothers and US Foods, and extending to the beverage selection as well.

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