Solid Wood Homes offers long-lasting, energy-efficient and quickly constructed homes at affordable prices

August 29, 2008

COLUMBIA, SC – August 27,2008 – Solid Wood Homes has recently announced a new line of affordable homes created from solid wood that are more durable, energy-efficient and longer-lasting than traditional and modular homes. 

The average price for a 1,100 to 1,400 square foot Solid Wood Home with three to four bedrooms is less than $85,000. Solid Wood Homes offers low turnkey construction pricing with quality builders because their homes have quick and easy production methods.  A home can be dried-in in as few as two days and completed within about six weeks.

Solid Wood Homes are comprised of pre-stacked solid wood walls constructed in their modern, energy-efficient factory. Reduced waste and labor times allow a buyer to pay less for a better home. It also reduces negative impact on our environment.

Along with being environmentally friendly, these homes are energy efficient with savings up to 35% for heating and 24% for cooling, according to the Department of Energy. Most homes feature at least three bedrooms, two baths and vaulted ceilings.

Solid Wood Homes will significantly outlast stick-built, vinyl-sided and modular houses, and far outlast a family’s mortgage.

Each home is designed and built to withstand high winds with eight-inch thick solid wood walls, and windows and doors specified to withstand winds of 140 mph.  Buyers can choose from a lap-sided structure or a traditional log home style.

“This solid wood technology is superior to both traditional, stick-built homes with a cavity-type system, and modular homes,” said George Miller, president of Solid Wood Homes. “My only regret is we couldn’t have introduced these homes sooner and gotten them to the families that need them quicker.”

“We began working on this type of home soon after Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast and started producing them earlier this year. Aside from being storm proof and fast to build, these homes are affordable and guaranteed for as long as a family lives in them.  Also, a family can be in one of these homes within two months for less than $85,000,” Miller added. “That’s faster and cheaper than traditional homes and even modular homes, and a lot longer lasting.”

“As you look at these homes and see how they’re built, you can see how they represent a step back in time and are built the old fashion way. They’re very, very durable,” Miller said.

Headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina, Solid Wood Homes is a division of Southland Log Homes, which was founded in 1978. Southland has 19 company-owned model home sales offices in ten states as a direct-to-consumer log homes company. To find out more about Solid Wood Homes, go to