South Carolina Bar Selects SyynX Mediator™ for Medical Discovery Research, Powered by Collexis Search Technology

June 19, 2007

Columbia, SC, June 18, 2007 – The South Carolina Bar is the nation’s first bar association to provide medical discovery and best practice research tools to its 12,000 members.  In keeping with its mission to benefit its membership through the introduction of technological innovation, the South Carolina Bar’s Board of Governors announced its decision to license Mediator™ by SyynX powered by Collexis’s patented contextual search technology for its membership.  To familiarize the members with this highly effective tool, free 24-hour user training is being offered through the S.C. Bar’s website.

“The software is really amazing.  It provides the most relevant medical research discovery information in seconds, assuring a competitive position, if not edge, in the courtroom.  Our members will love the advantages of this new discovery technology,” said Lanny Lambert, president of the South Carolina Bar.

Bill Kirkland, CEO Collexis Holdings Inc., added, “I am very enthusiastic about our new venture with the South Carolina Bar and the introduction of Mediator.  This is just one application in a suite of services coming from the collaboration between Collexis and the German developer, SyynX.”

Mediator by SyynX provides the most relevant information discovery for biomedical, pharmaceutical, drug, medical devices, medical malpractice and personal injury research.  It enables users to search the full text including paragraph, page, or the entire journal.  Through comparative analysis utilizing Collexis’s “Fingerprinting” technology, documents are compared for degrees of relevancy and key ideas are immediately identified.  Once the results are identified, so are the experts publishing in that field.  Mediator then provides a complete histogram of the expert’s knowledge based on all of his/her publications.  In this way, Mediator helps find experts that can help with the case.

Mediator can also help evaluate an opposition’s expert opinions.  The search engine can “Fingerprint” the concepts underlying the opposing expert’s report and identify other related documents.  These findings may suggest issues and questions not previously considered relevant.  In addition, deposition testimony can be similarly analyzed to identify pertinent articles as they relate to that particular testimony.

Former Nelson Mullins Litigation Support Manager, Allan Crawford stated, “Our attorneys found Mediator to be so intuitive that the learning curve was nonexistent.  It is unique and special; Mediator’s ease of use enabled them to immediately focus on the job at hand.  They were literally getting significant, relevant results within minutes of their first login!”

Bob Wells, executive director of the South Carolina Bar, said, “The South Carolina Bar’s mission includes providing a competitive advantage for its members.  Evaluating and selecting the newest technology is one of the keys.  Mediator exceeds these goals for medical discovery.  We are also watching for their new development, the Collexis-powered Mediator for Patents.”

About South Carolina Bar

The South Carolina Bar, which has a membership of more than 12,000 lawyers, is dedicated to advancing justice, professionalism and understanding of the law.  Additional information can be found on the S.C. Bar website at

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