South Carolina Highway Patrol Honors Fallen Troopers and Retires K-9 Heroes

April 28, 2024

On Friday, April 26, the South Carolina Highway Patrol gathered with solemn reverence for its annual Fallen Trooper Service of Remembrance, an occasion to honor the memory and sacrifice of 51 patrolmen and troopers who gave their lives in the line of duty. The ceremony, held with heartfelt respect and gratitude, brought together family members, friends, and colleagues of these brave individuals at a time of remembrance and reflection.

Reverend Doctor Jimmy Gallant, Vicar of Saint Andrew’s Anglican Church in Charleston, delivered a Message of Hope, offering solace and support to the families who continue to carry the legacy of their loved ones.

Department of Public Safety Director Robert G. Woods, IV and SC Highway Patrol Commander Colonel Christopher Williamson delivered special remarks, underscoring the enduring impact and significance of the fallen troopers’ service to the community and the state. Their tributes acknowledged the profound dedication and sacrifice embodied by these individuals.

One notable highlight of the ceremony was the retirement of six K-9 officers who faithfully served alongside the Highway Patrol for over 30 collective years. These canine heroes were honored as part of the service’s longstanding tradition of recognizing fallen troopers. Since 2010, the Highway Patrol has named its K-9s after these courageous individuals, ensuring that their legacy lives on in service and commitment.

In a poignant moment, the Highway Patrol also paid tribute to the retirement of Bureau of Protective Services K-9 Castor, who tragically passed away on April 8, 2024, after a decade of dedicated service safeguarding lawmakers and visitors at the South Carolina State House.

To further honor the memory of these fallen troopers and their enduring legacy, the Highway Patrol encourages individuals to visit the Fallen Troopers Memorial page. Here, one can learn more about the remarkable individuals after whom these loyal K-9s were named, gaining insight into their lives and the impact they made on their community.

For more information and to explore the stories of these remarkable individuals, visit the Fallen Troopers Memorial page at

Photo credit: South Carolina Department of Public Safety