Southeastern Wildlife Exposition (SEWE): Celebrating success in 2024 and charting a course for the future

April 8, 2024

The Southeastern Wildlife Exposition (SEWE) is reporting positive preliminary numbers after hosting its 42nd annual event, February 16 – 18, 2024, to promote wildlife and nature art and conservation. The not-for-profit event is held yearly in February during Presidents’ Day weekend and spans across five official downtown Charleston venues. Ancillary partner events are also held on and off the peninsula throughout the weekend. Along with an increase in advance ticket sales, sold-out special events, increased art purchases and a sold-out VIP program, overall sales for the three-day event surpassed the 2023 record-breaking exposition.

The mission of SEWE is to invest in and positively influence wildlife and nature art and conservation through specialized educational programming; to assist in the conservation of wildlife and the environment by creating awareness and supporting designated programs; to impact the local and statewide economies through increased tourism positively, and to showcase some of the finest wildlife and sporting art available in the world. The annual event is now considered one of the premier wildlife art events in the country. Looking ahead, preparations for the 2025 show are already underway, with a steadfast commitment to elevating artist recruitment, programming, and attendee experiences.

The future of SEWE looks bright as the board welcomes new member Stephen Davis, President & CEO of Davis & Floyd, Inc. this summer. Neil C. Robinson Jr., outgoing Chairman of the SEWE Board, has passed the torch to George J.F.  Bullwinkel III, Shareholder and Board of Directors member at Maynard Nexsen, who has assumed the role of Chairman. Joining him is Thomas A. Hall, CEO of Hall Management Group, as Vice Chair of the board, succeeding the esteemed George Bullwinkel Jr. Mr. Bullwinkel III and Mr. Hall bring a wealth of experience and vision to lead SEWE into its next chapter of success. Neil C. Robinson Jr. will be duly honored for his invaluable contributions to the organization in the coming months. His leadership and dedication have been instrumental in SEWE’s continued growth and impact.

SEWE’s success is not merely measured in numbers but in the profound impact it has on the community and conservation efforts. As SEWE President & CEO John Powell emphasizes, the event serves as a celebration of Charleston’s rich heritage, hospitality, and commitment to conservation, uplifting spirits and fostering collaboration among stakeholders.

The 43rd annual SEWE will be held February 14-16, 2025. For more information on participating as an artist, exhibitor, VIP member or corporate partner, visit