Spartanburg Water provides grant support to Play.Advocate.Live Well. (PAL)

December 21, 2023

Grant will help fund the Spartanburg organization’s Trails Stewardship Program

Play.Advocate.Live Well. (PAL) was recently awarded a grant for more than $3,500 by Spartanburg Water to assist with the success of their Trail Stewardship Program.

On Wednesday, December 12, 2023, Spartanburg Water presented PAL with a check for the grant, which represented equal contributions from both the Commission of Public Works of the City of Spartanburg and the Spartanburg Sanitary Sewer District Commission.

The mission of PAL advances active living, promotes eating healthy and fosters health equity. The focus and goal of PAL is to improve health and wellness throughout Spartanburg County by creating environment and culture that fosters physical activity and healthy eating through an equity lens. PAL identifies itself as a small non-profit working to enact large scale change.

One of PAL’s strategic plan intentions is to advance active living by connecting/implementing the Daniel Morgan Trail System. As part of ongoing trail maintenance, PAL hosts a Trails Stewardship Program in partnership with the Trees Coalition. The program consists of seven, invasive plant species removal sessions each year. Invasive plant species are especially problematic within watersheds where they crowd out native plant species and alter ecosystem habitats, ultimately impacting water quality and the natural environment.

The grant provided by Spartanburg Water will help fund the creation of videos and signs that will outline the “what-why-how” of invasive plants and why it is important to remove them from the natural landscape. Specifically, they will produce six videos and five different signs to be placed in two locations (10 signs total).

“The trail system that we have here in Spartanburg is such a wonderful and unique gift,” said Guy Boyle, Spartanburg Water CEO. “We are glad to partner with PAL to ensure the continued vitality of the trail system through a shared commitment to improving our watershed, which positively impacts one of our community’s greatest resources – drinking water.”



Spartanburg Water, an industry leading utility, is comprised of Spartanburg Water System and Spartanburg Sanitary Sewer District. It serves a population of nearly 200,000 within Spartanburg County, as well as others in parts of Greenville, Union and Cherokee counties. With the help of its dedicated team of nearly 300 employees, each day it produces an average of 25 million gallons of drinking water and cleans 14 million gallons of wastewater for its customers and community.