SWEAT by JSF To offer a Workout and a Meal in SWEAT Express Classes

March 30, 2015

COLUMBIA, SC – SWEAT by JSF is making the lunch break fun again with SWEAT Express, the cycling class that offers the chance to get an empowering workout during your lunch hour, with the added bonus of walking out the door with a freshly made lunch.

SWEAT Express classes are 35-minute versions of the same, high-intensity 45-minute workout with Grab N’ Go meal items provided by SWEAT. Riders can grab their healthy, freshly-made food item on their way out the door for an easy and convenient lunch to bring back to the office.

Be sure to stop by during our Grab N’ Go Week, April 13-17, 2015 to get a free Vitamin Water with your purchase. Students can also pay for their ride and meal with Carolina Cash.

Experienced SWEAT motivators make the 35-minute class move quickly by providing current up-tempo music and a positive attitude. SWEAT Express is a great way to get your mind clear and body energized to return to work.

SWEAT Express takes place at SWEAT by JSF located at 1125 Lady Street in downtown Columbia. Classes are available on Mondays at 12:15pm and Wednesdays at 11:45pm. For booking questions, email Darby Graham at [email protected].

SWEAT by JSF is the brainchild of Jamie Scott, and a full-body indoor cycling studio that will change your opinion of the way you think of cardio. Added movements will work your shoulders, triceps, biceps, abs and obliques all while your lower body continuously cycles. The result is a calorie-torching, body-toning workout that feels more like a party.

Change your mind. Change your body. Just SWEAT. For more information about SWEAT by JSF and SWEAT Express, visit us at www.SWEATbyJSF.com, follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @JamieScottFit, or call us at (803)-764-7984.