TacMed Solutions™ donates supplies to Ukrainian war effort

March 30, 2022

In keeping with its mission to respond to global crises with life-saving medical supplies, technology, and personal protective gear, TacMed Solutions™ is spearheading several efforts to help those in need during the Ukrainian war:

  • 53,000+ emergency blankets were donated this week via the NGOs (Non-Government Organizations);
  • 500 SOF® Tourniquets and 500 BLAST® Bandages were dispersed via the Samaritan’s Purse organization;
  • 500 SOF® Tourniquets and 500 BLAST® Bandages are in transit to be delivered via the Ukrainian American Foundation this week.

“We felt it our duty to work with these organizations to deliver our products that will help save lives to those in desperate need in the Ukraine,” said TacMed CEO Will Wennberg. “We continue to support the Ukrainian effort and will look for more opportunities to supply aid in the near future.”


About TacMed Solutions™

TacMed Solutions™ (TacMed™) is dedicated to improving survivability in response to crisis situations through world-class innovative emergency response solutions designed to equip, train, and protect those who save lives. The company develops and manufactures customized emergency response technology, advanced simulation and training aids, and personal protective gear for warfighters, first responders, and citizens alike to effectively manage the full continuum of care. For more information, please visit www.tacmedsolutions.com.