TakoSushi expands its reach with the opening of a new restaurant in Greenville

April 1, 2024

TakoSushi, the beloved restaurant renowned for its innovative blend of Japanese and Mexican cuisines, announced the opening of its newest location in Greenville, South Carolina. Situated at 325 Rocky Slope Road, this exciting expansion marks TakoSushi’s commitment to bringing its unique culinary creations to new communities.

With its vibrant atmosphere and diverse menu offerings, TakoSushi promises to captivate the taste buds of Greenville residents and visitors alike. From delectable sushi rolls bursting with flavor to unique tacos filled with fresh ingredients, there is something from everyone to enjoy at TakoSushi.

“We are incredibly excited to open our doors and expand the TakoSushi experience to more Greenville communities,” said James Williams, President of Food People Restaurant Group. “Our mission has always been to provide exceptional food and service in a welcoming environment, and our new location is sure to be a fantastic addition to the vibrant Greenville dining scene.”

The new TakoSushi location features a sleek and modern interior design, creating the perfect backdrop for customers to indulge in a culinary journey like no other. Whether guests are stopping by for a quick lunch, a casual dinner with friends, or a special celebration, TakoSushi offers a dining experience that is both memorable and delicious.

In addition to its mouthwatering menu, TakoSushi is committed to supporting the local community through its partnership with Legacy Park Friends, which is the new location’s neighbor. This nonprofit organization works to preserve and enhance Legacy Park. In collaboration with the City of Greenville, their funds support efforts to maintain and improve the appeal, appearance, and functionality of Legacy Park.

For more information about TakoSushi and its newest location in Greenville, please visit www.takosushi.com or follow @TheTakoSushi on Instagram and Facebook.



TakoSushi is a restaurant concept that combines the bold flavors or Japanese and Mexican cuisines with a commitment to quality ingredients, exceptional service, and innovative dishes. Founded in 2008, TakoSushi has locations throughout South Carolina and Georgia in Aiken, Augusta, Columbia, Evans, and Greenville. Each restaurant has unique menu offerings and an experience that all food lovers can enjoy.