The 2008 National Pitch Challenge Seeks Entrepreneurs with Business Ideas

June 18, 2008

Get Your Elevator Pitch Ready

Prize: The American Dream

LOS ANGELES, SC – June 18, 2008 – Are you one of those people that have a great business idea, but no money to make it happen?  If so, this might be your chance to Pitch that big idea to real investors and make your dream come true. is announcing the 2008 National Pitch Challenge.  The Challenge will search for the best business ideas in America.  The winners will receive a business prize package, consulting services and funding from angel investors and venture capitalists.

What is a Pitch?  A pitch is based on the Elevator Pitch concept, which is the hypothetical scenario where an entrepreneur explains a business idea during an elevator ride with an investor.  As the theory goes, a prepared entrepreneur should always have an Elevator Pitch ready, just in case such an opportunity arises.  A good pitch can quickly convey the key components of a business and convince an investor to get on board.

The National Pitch Challenge invites aspiring entrepreneurs to submit their ideas for commercially-viable businesses.  Any person aged 18 or older is eligible.

The goal of the competition is to fund at least 25 businesses across the country and offer prizes to the Top 10 Pitches.  The Top 10 will be determined by an esteemed panel, consisting of business experts and investors.

According to Dan Bliss, co-founder of, We are looking for serious business ideas from capable entrepreneurs.  There is plenty of capital available for quality businesses.  The hard part is finding the ideas and people that are worthy of being funded.

Organizers are assembling hundreds of angel investors and venture capitalists to participate.  These investors are seeking businesses both regionally and nationally.  Most professional investors are interested in startups or existing businesses that have potential for rapid growth and large returns on investment.

Submissions for the 2008 National Pitch Challenge will be accepted from September 1 through December 31, 2008.  Winners will be announced on February 2, 2009.  Entrepreneurs interested in participating must visit the official web site.  Get your elevator pitch ready.


Scott Plesha
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