The Big Red Barn Retreat receives $25,000 grant from Truist Foundation to fund the Warrior PATHH program for Veterans and First Responders

October 11, 2022

The Big Red Barn Retreat is honored to announce it received a $25,000 grant from the Truist Foundation on July 5th, 2022 to support the Warrior PATHH program for veterans and/or first responders. Warrior PATHH is the only training program in South Carolina that is proven to cultivate and facilitate posttraumatic growth. Participants who are struggling with combat or critical incidents stress completing Warrior PATHH training transform times of deep struggle into profound strength and lifelong growth.

An 18-month study of the Warrior PATHH program reported that participants who complete the program experience a reduction in symptoms associated with posttraumatic stress to include depression, insomnia, and anxiety. Moreover, Warrior PATHH participants report positive changes as a result of the program to include reduction in stress reactivity, a greater sense of personal strength, a commitment in recognition of the value of deeper relationships with other people, and a positive spiritual/existential change.

“We are grateful to have the support of Truist Foundation for our flagship program, Warrior PATHH,” says David Williams, Executive Director of The Big Red Barn Retreat. “We believe our veterans and first responders possess skills, strengths, and abilities that are needed here in our communities, and by providing them the opportunity to receive training that allows them to harness their strengths and abilities, they can live great lives and become leaders within their communities.”

It is estimated that up to 40% of South Carolina’s veterans and first responders are struggling with mental health challenges, leading to other issues such as unemployment, underemployment, depression, isolation, alcohol abuse, and more. The Warrior PATHH program provides a proven and immersive 7-day residential peer-based training, which is followed by three months of dedicated support, daily training, accountability, and connection from a team of trained combat veterans and first responders. The PATHH training, founded on the concept of posttraumatic growth, equips each participant with the skills and regulation practices to continue their personal and professional growth as well as life skills such as building financial literacy and making sound economic decisions, including employment.

“As citizens, we recognize and admire the selflessness and sacrifices that service members, veterans and first responders make on our behalf. However, we can take for granted the emotional and psychological toll they face through their service,” said Mike Brenan, South Carolina regional president for Truist. “Truist’s purpose is to inspire and build better communities and our partners at The Big Red Barn Retreat share in that mission by delivering programming that addresses veterans and first responders’ mental health needs so they can lead mindful and fulfilling lives.”


About The Big Red Barn Retreat

The Big Red Barn Retreat (BRBR) is a 501(c)(3) located in Blythewood, South Carolina that provides free nonclinical services, programs, and training, including Warrior PATHH, to Veterans, Active-duty service members, and First Responders struggling with military and combat-related stress. Established in 2014, the BRBR helps more than 2,500 military personnel annually. All services provided at the BRBR are funded through grants and private donations. For more information or to donate, please visit


About Truist Foundation

The Truist Foundation is committed to Truist Financial Corporation’s (NYSE: TFC) purpose to inspire and build better lives and communities. Established in 2020, the foundation makes strategic investments in nonprofit organizations to help ensure the communities it serves have more opportunities for a better quality of life. The Truist Foundation’s grants and activities focus on building career pathways to economic mobility and strengthening small businesses. Learn more at