The City of Cayce awarded $10 million for drainage improvement project

June 7, 2023

At their meeting on June 6, 2023, Cayce City Council voted to accept a $10 Million South Carolina Infrastructure Investment Plan (SCIIP) grant from the Rural Infrastructure Authority (RIA). City of Cayce Mayor, Council and City Staff have been diligently proactive about decades-old stormwater issues and are thrilled about the awarded funding that will serve as another step in completing the Cayce Avenues Drainage Project.

The multi-year storm drainage improvement project began with a Comprehensive Study of the existing storm drainage conveyance system across 530 acres. The City of Cayce is currently completing the first multi-phase round of improvements that addressed a number of needs identified in the study. Securing this grant from the RIA allows our City to make even more of the recommended drainage improvements.

Cayce Avenues Drainage Project that was completed earlier today.

Cayce City Manager, Tracy Hegler, stated, “This funding allows us to address some of the flooding problems that our citizens have been experiencing as a result of standard development in the ‘40’s and ‘50’s that didn’t take into account storm drainage design. We have said from the beginning, that while this issue was not caused by the City, we would help coordinate a solution. We are keeping our promise to our Cayce citizens; and doing so without burdening our general fund or raising taxes.”

The project funding was selected as part of a competitive grant program based on priority needs, transformational impact, feasibility, readiness to proceed, leveraging and geographic diversity. The RIA says that the grant funding “offers a unique opportunity to make long-term capital improvements that will strengthen critical services to residents and businesses, create more resilient communities and build the capacity to support future opportunities.”