The City of Fountain Inn Awarded $9,999,075 from the Rural Infrastructure Authority

April 27, 2023

The Rural Infrastructure Authority has awarded the City of Fountain Inn a grant of $9,999,075 to address the aging clay pipes, brick manholes, and service laterals that were installed over 50 years ago.

“The City of Fountain Inn has invested heavily in rehabilitating its sewer collection system over the past decade. However, this award of $10 million from the Rural Infrastructure Authority will allow us to substantially expedite our timeline of eliminating all vitrified clay pipe (VCP) in our system.” – Shawn Bell, City Administrator

Funds will go directly into the Durbin Creek Basin Sanitary Rehabilitation Project, which was identified as a top priority by ReWa (Renewable Water Resource). A preliminary design has been completed, putting us on track to meet our commitment to a 2026 deadline.

“This award of nearly $10 million represents the largest single infrastructure investment in recent history for our community. Sewers are vital for our quality of life, our health, our environment, and our economy. When your bathtub drains, or you wash your hands, you want to be sure that wastewater is flowing safely and efficiently to local treatment facilities, and that’s just what this project does.” – GP McLeer, Mayor of Fountain Inn

The Durbin Creek Basin Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project will remove substantial I/I (Inflow and Infiltration) from the sewer system and meet the requirements for I/I reduction mandated by ReWa’s Wet-Weather Improvements Program. This project will reduce Sewer System Overflows (SSO). Fountain Inn has experienced backups throughout the project area due to the aging sewer system. Rehabilitation of these existing sewers will renew and restore aging infrastructure.

At the conclusion of this project, all of the City’s remaining old clay sewers and brick manholes will be comprehensively rehabilitated and renewed for another 50+ years, leaving the City and its residents with newer PVC and ductile iron sewers and newly lined (rehabilitated) sewers. To have a completely renewed main sewer system is an uncommon accomplishment and a massive gain for the City of Fountain Inn.