Thornwell Hosting Child Abuse Prevention Month Awareness Events in Greenwood and Laurens Counties

April 2, 2024

The Annual Awareness Month Encourages Everyone to Support Families and Children

Thornwell, a nonprofit organization committed to the most innovative and effective solutions to help children and families in need across South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, is hosting Child Abuse Prevention awareness events and distributing Family Activity Kits throughout April for Child Abuse Prevention Month. The purpose of these events is to raise awareness about child abuse in our community, equip families with tools and resources, and connect families with opportunities or programs to strengthen their own families and others.

Joining other organizations throughout South Carolina, Thornwell is a Child Abuse Prevention Month partner with the Children’s Trust of South Carolina. Held every April, the awareness month encourages people across South Carolina to “grow a better tomorrow for children in South Carolina.” Raising awareness is the first step in preventing child abuse and neglect.

“[Thornwell] believes in a wellness model, strengthening families before abuse and neglect happens in the first place,” says Morgan Ednie, Thornwell’s Vice President for Strategic Impact. “Thornwell’s vision is to see hopeful, healthy, and empowered children and families fulfilling their God-given potential. As a ministry, Thornwell provides safe and nurturing environments to educate, equip, and support children and families.”

Thornwell is honored to host two awareness events in partnership with local Chick-fil-A restaurants for families to learn about Thornwell’s program, services, and ways to be an advocate against child abuse:

  • On Thursday, April 4, from 5-8 pm, Thornwell staff will be at Chick-fil-A of Greenwood (mall location) giving out free Family Activity Kits promoting fun and togetherness. Restaurant patrons will also have an opportunity to purchase a meal with a portion of proceeds directly supporting prevention services through Thornwell.
  • On Thursday, April 18, from 4:30 to 6 pm, Thornwell staff will be at Chick-fil-A of Laurens (917 E Main St Ste A) to give out free Family Activity Kits and promote prevention-based services supported by the ministry.

Additionally, Thornwell invites everyone to learn more about Child Abuse Prevention initiatives and find ways to get involved at

According to the South Carolina Department of Social Services, there were 14,572 children impacted by 16,969 substantiated acts of abuse and neglect in 2022-2023. Nearly 5,000 of these children live in the Upstate. The impact of childhood trauma lasts a lifetime. Childhood adversity has long-lasting negative health effects into adulthood, which is why Thornwell continues to join prevention partners to show their commitment to preventing child abuse and neglect. Thornwell believes all children should thrive, live in secure families, and be surrounded by supportive communities.

“Everyone can take action to help families thrive to ensure children have opportunities to grow up safe, healthy, and strong,” explains Ednie. “There are many opportunities for people who want to support this work. Your prayers and energy mean the world to us, [especially] to know that we have the community’s support in this vital work.”