Three Laurens County School District 55 Schools Top in State Keyboarding Competition

July 7, 2024

On June 25, 2024, Kevin Combs, Learning.Com South Carolina State Program Manager presented Laurens County School District 55 (LCSD 55)
Superintendent Dr. Jody Penland with a banner to recognize LCSD 55 for having the highest participation in the Learning.Com Spring 2024 South Carolina State Keyboarding Contest. The contest is open from mid-February until the beginning of May and according to Combs, LCSD 55 had the most students involved among all districts in South Carolina. The banner serves as a tangible recognition of the hard work and dedication of students,
teachers, and administrators.

The Palmetto Digital Literacy Program brings the advantages of the platform to all school districts in South Carolina, free of charge. The lessons within the program aim to enhance digital literacy and cultivate a healthier relationship with technology among students. This balanced approach ensures that students are well-prepared for the digital age while maintaining a mindful engagement with technology.

Kevin Combs shared his insight on the significance of keyboarding instruction and practice. He said, “In today’s digital era, typing is a fundamental skill. It not only boosts productivity and efficiency in tasks such as digital communication, document creation, and internet browsing, but it also lightens the cognitive load, enabling individuals to concentrate more on the content rather than the typing process itself.”

Kevin Combs also congratulated LCSD 55 for having three of its schools make it to thetop six schools whose students make at least 90% accuracy and over 30 minutes of total typing practice. These schools are E.B. Morse Elementary School (EBM), Laurens Elementary School (LES), and Waterloo Elementary School (WES). EBM Principal Dr. Jason Bailey said, “Keyboarding skills are extremely important in modern society since the use of a keyboard, either on a phone or laptop, is critical in communication. The more proficient students are in typing, the more direct their path from
their thoughts to the screen.”

Dr. Bailey shared that strategic planning made this recognition possible. “We schedule all students in our computer class so that even our Early Childhood students can practice towards proficiency. With screening assessments such as MAP occurring even in 5K, it is critical that all students become familiar with the keyboard.”

“I am very proud of our students and our computer teacher, Mrs. Nancy Brown, who does a tremendous job insisting that students give their best effort while in the class,” added Bailey.