Three students named Michelin Tech Scholars

June 3, 2024

Spring Valley High School will host a Michelin Signing Day on Tuesday, June 4, 2024, at noon to recognize their Michelin Tech Scholars. Class of 2024 graduates Zachary Fowler, Owen Peterson, and Ryan Ward earned the competitive scholarship based on their scores on an aptitude test and a rigorous interview process.

Michelin Tech Scholars are full time students majoring in Electrical Engineering and work up to 20 hour per week as interns at Michelin to gain hands-on, applicable experience. Upon graduation from college the students become eligible for entry-level employment at Michelin as a Reliability Technician, with competitive salary currently around $66,000 and opportunity for salary increases with experience.

Spring Valley High School’s partnership with Michelin dates back to 2019. The school also has a Michelin School to Work partnership, which prepares students for full time entry-level positions with Michelin. The Tech Scholars program is the other half of Spring Valley’s partnership with Michelin. Typically there are two scholars but this year, three seniors earned the honor.

The majority of both Fowler and Peterson’s core courses were at the AP and honors level. Both student took three dual enrollment courses each and aced all three. Ward is a CATE (Career and Technical Education) completer in CORE Engineering with a concentration in programming and software development. His certifications include: IC3, Certified OnShape Associate and OSHA 10.  Ward also challenged himself with several AP and Honors level courses. CATE completion is a path that allows students to explore careers while completing “mini-majors” in high school.  Students also earn industry credentials that allow them to work in industry whether they enter college following high school or the workforce.