Thrive Postpartum introduces innovative platform and podcast to support Mothers with postpartum depression and anxiety

May 6, 2024

Thrive Postpartum™ proudly announces the launch of its online platform and the premiere of its new podcast, “Let’s Thrive Postpartum,” designed specifically to support mothers facing postpartum depression and anxiety beginning May 8, 2024. Founded by Kelly Siebold, a former technology executive who created the platform following her own challenging postpartum depression experience, Thrive Postpartum is designed to offer a safe place to the one in five new mothers who will struggle with postpartum depression and anxiety following childbirth.

Understanding the profound impact postpartum depression and anxiety can have on a mother during the first few years after giving birth, Thrive Postpartum offers a virtual sanctuary for mothers seeking understanding, connection and relief. The platform provides access to educational courses, expert-led workshops, support groups, and a community of mothers who share similar experiences. “Our mission is to ensure no mother feels alone in her postpartum journey,” Kelly Siebold states. “We’re here to provide educational, social and group support that’s just a click away, accessible from the comfort of home and even during those late-night feedings.”

The newly launched “Let’s Thrive Postpartum” podcast, co-hosted by Kelly Siebold and maternal mental health therapist Ashley Moore, furthers this mission. Each episode delves into real stories and expert insights, offering practical advice and solidarity to mothers grappling with postpartum challenges. “Through our podcast, we extend a hand to all mothers struggling silently, offering hope and companionship,” adds Ashley Moore.

Membership to Thrive Postpartum includes:

An extensive library of resources focusing on postpartum depression and anxiety.
Live workshops led by industry experts that support a new mother’s Body, Mind, Soul and Role.
Online support groups and the ability to join a Thrive Circle, an intimate 6-week support group led by a maternal mental health therapist.
A supportive online community to connect with other mothers.

Thrive Postpartum invites mothers to join as Founding Moms to gain access to special launch benefits and to have a chance to influence the platform’s future development plans. Memberships are also available as thoughtful gifts to support other mothers in need, ensuring they receive the help they deserve. To join Thrive Postpartum or to gift a membership, visit Thrive Postpartum’s website.

The “Let’s Thrive Postpartum” podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and anywhere podcasts are hosted, making vital support accessible to mothers everywhere.


About Thrive Postpartum

Thrive Postpartum is a virtual platform dedicated to supporting and empowering mothers with postpartum depression and anxiety through education, group support, expert-led workshops and a community of fellow mothers. Thrive Postpartum’s mission is to change the access moms have to mental wellness support during the first few years following birth. To learn more or join Thrive Postpartum, visit Thrive Postpartum is not a medical provider and does not provide medical advice, medication, or traditional mental health counseling.