Touchdown Club Announces 2022 All-County Football Players and Other Awards

December 14, 2022

The Laurens County Touchdown Club Board of Directors and Player Selection Committee release the 2022 Laurens County Touchdown Club All-County Football players.

New this year is a Lakelands FCA Christian Character Award to be given to one player from each school within the County as well.

Below is a list for the All-County Team, FCA award winners, and Finalists for the TD Club ‘Player of the Year’ Award.

The Banquet will be held on Wednesday, January 11 at The Ridge in Laurens at 7 pm.  SC State Head Football Coach Buddy Pough will be the guest speaker.

Laurens County Touchdown Club ‘All-County Team’ 2022

QB  Andrew Codington   LA                                          DL  Hezekiah Kinard                 CHS

                                                                                             DL  Malik Jackson                     LDHS

RB  Jishun Copeland       CHS                                        DL  Eric Robinson                      CHS

RB  Clarence Bertoli        LA                                           DL  Garrett Murphy                   LA

RB  Jayden Robinson      CHS                                        DL Nick Woodruff                     LDHS

WR  Buddy Baker           LA                                            LB  Jordan Roberts                     LDHS

WR  Cayson Elledge       LDHS                                      LB  Gemire Darden                    LDHS

WR  Jay Pulley                LDHS                                       LB  Bryson James                       CHS

                                                                                              LB  Kason Copeland                   CHS

OL  Jay Martin               CHS                                           LB  Noah Mosley                        LDHS

OL  Naiim Mays             CHS

OL  Reese Munyan        LDHS                                       DB  Justin Copeland                    CHS

OL  Rion Gordon           CHS                                          DB  Jaedon Goodwin                   LDHS

OL  Dre Aiken                CHS                                          DB  Zay Johnson                          CHS

                                                                                             DB  Jackson Martin                     LDHS

TE  Kadon Crawford      CHS

Kicker:  Roberto Luna  LDHS

Lakelands FCA Christian Character Award Winners:  (One selected from each school)

Clinton High School                               Keegan Fortman

Laurens Academy                                   Dylan Frey

Laurens District High School               Jordan Roberts

Presbyterian College                               Keith Boyd

Finalist for ‘Player of the Year’ Award 2022:  In Alphabetical Order

Clarence Bertoli                                      Laurens Academy

Bryson James                                          Clinton High School

Jackson Martin                                       Laurens District High School